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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in North Wales

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    Behind the beautiful scenery of Snowdonia National Park lies a hidden world of substance misuse, with drug and alcohol rehabs in North Wales struggling to keep up with the increase in patients seeking addiction treatment.

    Forty-five per cent of men in North Wales admit to drinking more than the recommended amount of alcohol, as well as 34% of women. This results in over 1500 preventable deaths each year. [1]

    According to the NHS, drug deaths in North Wales have now reached their highest levels in history after increasing by 78% in just ten years. [2]

    The drugs associated with the largest rise in deaths within North Wales include cocaine, MDMA and amphetamines.

    If you are living in North Wales and are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, this article will aim to answer your questions and point you towards an effective treatment programme.

    Below, we provide some statistics about alcohol and drug use in North Wales:

    Drug and Alcohol Statistics in North Wales  Data
    Adults admitted into treatment for heroin addiction in North Wales 2020-21 3,023
    Adults admitted into treatment with an alcohol or drug addiction in North Wales 2020-21 22,684
    Amount of new people were admitted into the recovery and treatment system in North Wales in 2021 9,786
    Percentage increase in individuals admitted to hospital with an alcohol-related issue in Wales in 2020 and 2021 5.5%

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    How OK Rehab can help you in North Wales

    Old man sitting at a table holding a drink in North Wales

    Are you considering a drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales? Are you struggling to juggle seeking help on top of your addiction, withdrawal symptoms and other stresses of daily life? We can help.

    Here at OK Rehab in North Wales, we can eliminate the pressures of finding addiction treatment and a suitable rehab by doing it for you.

    We can take over the long process of seeking out the most appropriate drug and alcohol rehabs so that you can focus on the more important aspects of beginning the journey to recovery in North Wales.

    It is understandable that many individuals who attempt to abandon drink or drugs alone will, unfortunately, end up relapsing due to the stresses of simply seeking help for their illness.

    We never want this to be the situation for anyone struggling with an addiction, so we strive to offer support and our excellent advisory and referral services to anyone in need in North Wales.

    If this is you, please contact us today to start a discussion on how we can help you during this challenging time in your life. There is an easier way to reach out and find a drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales, and it is with OK Rehab.

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    Understanding addiction intervention in North Wales

    It’s normal to feel concerned, frustrated and angry with a friend or family member who refuses to accept that they have an unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol in North Wales.

    You may find it difficult to understand how they fail to notice the correlation between their substance use and the negative consequences that inevitably follow and feel helpless to change their situation.

    However, there is something you can do – you can hold an intervention in North Wales.

    What is an intervention?

    An addiction intervention is a planned meeting with the sole aim of guiding the affected person towards seeking professional help at a treatment centre in North Wales.

    This meeting is held by close adult friends and family members who have been directly affected by the addiction. It is not recommended to involve children in an intervention.

    Each person will read a prepared statement that will inform the affected person of the effect that the addiction has had on them and will kindly but firmly ask them to seek him.

    How can an intervention help someone who is struggling with an addiction in North Wales?

    It is theorised that the shock of being confronted by friends and family members may help the affected person to realise the extent of their addiction in North Wales.

    They may agree to seek help due to the pressure placed on them, particularly if the group members have stated potential consequences that may occur if they do not enter treatment in North Wales.

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    What is the CRAFT model of intervention in North Wales?

    A young woman in a therapy session in North Wales

    Some people do not respond well to the above methods and may become angry and pull away from those who care about them.

    If you are concerned that your friend or family member may react in this way, you may want to consider a CRAFT intervention in North Wales.

    Community Reinforcement and Family Training in North Wales help close family members gently guide the affected person towards treatment through positive reinforcement and empathetic techniques in North Wales. [3]

    There is no confrontation, no consequences and no shock value. Instead, CRAFT is performed gradually over time until the affected person decides to seek treatment on their own terms in North Wales.

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    Am I addicted to drugs or alcohol in North Wales?

    Recognising that you have a problem with substance use is the first step towards a successful recovery.

    While it may seem simple, it can take many years, and devastating consequences before the majority of people come to terms with their addiction in North Wales.

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    The CAGE Questionnaire in North Wales

    A woman sitting in her front room in a drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales

    If you suspect that your relationship with drugs or alcohol may be unhealthy or harmful, you can use the CAGE questionnaire to determine whether you may have a problem.

    Cut, Annoy, Guilt and Eye (CAGE) is a simple questionnaire comprised of four key points. It is commonly used by doctors in North Wales as a way to identify patients who may be at risk of developing an addiction, but it is easy enough to use at home by yourself. [4]

    To take the test, you must answer the following questions honestly and objectively while considering your drug or alcohol use.

    • Have you ever felt that you should cut down on your drinking or drug use in North Wales?
    • Have people annoyed you by commenting on your drinking or drug use?
    • Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking or drug use?
    • Have you ever had a drink or used drugs as soon as you opened your eyes in the morning to help reduce anxiety or alleviate hangover symptoms?

    If you answer ‘yes’ to two or more of the above questions, this may indicate that you have developed a drug or alcohol dependency.

    Some medical professionals recommend lowering this to one question in North Wales, so it is worth seeking guidance even if you have only answered ‘yes’ to one question.

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    The cost of rehab in North Wales

    How much are your health and well-being worth?

    Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction in North Wales can be costly, but the benefits far outweigh what you have paid.

    Depending on the type of rehab clinic that you choose in North Wales, the length of your programme and any amenities that you select, a 28-day stay can cost between £14,000 and £100,000.

    Although the cost of drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales may seem high, what you pay for treatment now may save you thousands in the future.

    Addressing the problem at its core and accessing high-quality care decreases your chances of requiring further addiction treatment in North Wales throughout your life, as well as reducing the risk of suffering from future drug or alcohol-related health problems.

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    What do rehab costs cover in North Wales?

    • Any medications that are prescribed by medical staff
    • High-quality and effective counselling courses
    • Room and board for the duration of your treatment programme in North Wales
    • Competitive wages for rehab staff
    • Healthy, balanced meals and snacks
    • Regular maintenance of the clinic and grounds

    If you are looking for a cheaper option in North Wales, you may consider an outpatient programme or a medically-supervised home detox.

    This involves attending rehab in North Wales on a part-time basis or accessing treatment from home and can drastically reduce the costs.

    However, these options are more likely to benefit those with mild addiction and may not be suitable for patients who are struggling with severe dependency.

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    The length of rehab in North Wales

    Here at OK Rehab, we understand that you likely have a busy life filled with various obligations ranging from employment, education and family responsibilities.

    As a result, you may be concerned about taking time away from your daily activities to focus solely on recovery in North Wales.

    The length of drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales can range from a seven-day detox to a 30, 60 or 90-day treatment programme.

    The most common amount of time to attend rehab in North Wales is 2830 days, and this is widely regarded as an effective programme length that will allow you to benefit from detoxification, counselling and relapse prevention.

    While a seven-to-ten day detox programme can be a great initial step toward long-term recovery in North Wales, it is recommended that you combine this with a longer programme that includes therapy and counselling for the most effective long-term results.

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    Is drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales covered by health insurance?

    Someone typing on their laptop in North Wales

    Choosing to put your health first can be expensive, but there are several ways to cover the cost of rehab without breaking the bank or putting yourself into debt.

    Many people find that they can access drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales through their private health or employee insurance.

    Each policy is different, so it is recommended that you thoroughly read through the terms and conditions and seek advice from your provider if needed.

    The majority of rehab clinics in North Wales accept funding via insurance, but it is best to contact your chosen clinic and confirm that this option is available.

    Accessing rehab through health or employee insurance usually requires you to disclose the reason for the claim to your provider.

    This can increase the cost of your future payments and, in the case of employee insurance, may mean that your employer is made aware of your addiction.

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    Is drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales covered by the NHS?

    Residents of North Wales benefit from the National Health Service (NHS), a publicly-funded medical service that provides healthcare free of charge.

    While NHS-funded rehab in North Wales is available, it is extremely difficult to obtain. This is due to a combination of long waiting lists and a lack of funding, resulting in large numbers of people requesting treatment but only a few spaces available.

    You will also need to meet all aspects of the strict criteria to be eligible for NHS-funded rehab, including proving your motivation by completing local outpatient programmes and providing various forms of documentation.

    Your GP will first refer you to a drug and alcohol support team in North Wales, who will work with the council on your behalf to process your application.

    Due to the aforementioned lack of spaces, many people who meet the criteria and have completed all required steps are unfortunately still denied NHS-funded rehab in North Wales.

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    Should I choose inpatient or outpatient rehab in North Wales?

    A living room in a rehab in North Wales

    Choosing between inpatient and outpatient rehab can be a difficult decision, as this choice can have a huge impact on your treatment programme’s cost, length, and potential effectiveness.

    In general, outpatient programmes are more beneficial to patients with mild to moderate substance use disorders, while inpatient programmes may best suit those with severe addiction in North Wales.

    Why choose inpatient rehab in North Wales?

    Our environment can play a huge role in the success of long-term addiction recovery, and many people find that completely immersing themselves in the treatment process can help them break free from detrimental habits and mindsets. [5]

    If you are surrounded by people who regularly use substances, it will naturally be more difficult for you to remain sober.

    However, if you are removed from that environment and placed in a rehab centre in North Wales filled with other people in recovery, you may feel more motivated to make a change.

    Inpatient rehab in North Wales allows you to live full-time at the clinic along with other patients who are working to recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

    You will benefit from 24/7 medical monitoring, a dedicated healthcare and counselling team and a wide range of treatment options in North Wales.

    Why choose outpatient rehab in North Wales?

    If attending rehab as an inpatient sounds too restrictive, you may want to consider an outpatient programme in North Wales.

    You will receive many of the benefits of an inpatient clinic in North Wales while also being able to continue with your life and responsibilities outside of treatment, as outpatients can return home each day. [6]

    The process is similar to that of an inpatient – you will undergo a supervised detox, attend regular counselling sessions and prepare for life outside of rehab.

    Staff will also be able to prescribe any required medications and monitor you throughout the programme.

    Attending rehab as an outpatient can make this form of treatment more accessible and affordable for people who may not otherwise have been able to seek professional treatment, such as single parents with childcare responsibilities or patients with demanding jobs.

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    Should I choose NHS or private rehab in North Wales?

    View of beach and house on the cliff in North Wales

    The biggest difference between NHS and private drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales is the cost, with NHS-funded clinics offering free treatment to those that qualify for this service.

    Why choose NHS rehab?

    NHS-funded rehab in North Wales is a great option for those that are unable to pay for addiction treatment themselves and would otherwise not be able to access the care that they require.

    This allows you to benefit from high-quality care and take steps to recover from your addiction without being burdened with debt.

    You will have access to the same level of care as those who are paying for private rehab, although you may have fewer options to customise your treatment programme and may not be offered more niche forms of therapy.

    Why choose private rehab?

    Once you have made the difficult decision to seek treatment, it can be extremely demoralising to wait weeks or even months to attend rehab.

    The waiting lists at private rehab clinics are usually much shorter than at NHS-funded clinics, allowing patients to receive treatment almost immediately after registering.

    You will also have more control over your treatment plan, with the ability to dictate the length, type and flexibility of your care, as well as access to more niche forms of therapy such as music and equine therapy.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 0800 326 5559

    Why opt for professional treatment in North Wales?

    If you have been planning on receiving treatment for an addiction, you have undoubtedly thought about the possibilities of at-home recovery and have questioned the importance of professional and medical assistance.

    We assure you that we do not recommend rehab to our clients for no reason. Rehab – particularly a residential rehab programme– is the best place for recovery from an addiction to taking place.

    Residential rehab treatment means that you are detached from any possible triggers of your home environment.

    You receive constant care from an excellent team of therapists and medical staff, all your treatment takes place under one roof, and you are given enough space and privacy in a judgement-free zone to work through your addiction with professionals, leaving you ready and prepared for life back home.

    These factors are incredibly important. Withdrawing from your home environment can easily lead to a relapse if the emotional triggers or reasons as to why you turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place are at home as well – which they usually are.

    Most people suffering from addiction were led to drink and drugs because of regular aspects of day-to-day life; dysfunctional families, pressuring friends, a stressful job or lack of job, relationship disputes, etc.

    Remaining in this environment surrounded by these triggers as you are trying to withdraw can be a huge drawback to your success, and it is usually only a matter of time before you reach for a substance again to be rid of these reasons.

    Not to mention, when you do feel the need to use it again, being at home makes it easier to do so. If you do not have any loved ones to help support you during this fragile time, there isn’t much between you and the return to substance use.

    Staying at home during an attempted recovery does not only give a higher chance of failure or relapse, but it can also be extremely dangerous.

    If home detoxes are undergone with no proper medical knowledge, they can cause lasting damage to the body or even be fatal to the individual suffering from an addiction.

    In a rehab setting, you can rest assured that every treatment and detox will be carried out safely and by medical professionals. You will also be monitored continuously so that even if any rare side effects do occur, we can spot and deal with them right away.

    For these reasons and many more, OK Rehab will almost always recommend a residential rehab programme to clients struggling with an addiction.

    No matter the severity of the addiction or substances the individual has used, rehab simply offers a greater amount of benefits and gives a higher chance of a long-term, successful recovery than other treatment options do.

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    Alcohol detox and rehab in North Wales

    For anyone struggling with a physical or psychological addiction to alcohol, a detox is not as simple as instantly stopping your intake of this substance.

    Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs to detox from, as the body can have a severe reaction to this process, resulting in seizures or even death.

    If you are a Welsh resident and planning to reduce or completely stop the amount of alcohol you drink, it is recommended that you attend a drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales.

    During the detox process, you may experience a range of mild withdrawal symptoms, including fatigue, nausea, vomiting, anxiety and tremors.

    These can quickly progress into severe symptoms known as delirium tremens, which include hallucinations, seizures, extreme confusion and unconsciousness. [7]

    When you detox from alcohol at a rehab centre in North Wales, you will be closely monitored by experienced medical staff who can prescribe Librium (Chlordiazepoxide) to prevent seizures, keeping you safe and allowing you to move through the withdrawal process.

    Other medications you might need include Acamprosate (Campral®) which aids the rebalancing of the chemicals in the brain that have been damaged by alcohol; an antidepressant like nefazodone, desipramine, or imipramine to aid any anxiety or depression caused by alcohol; or the opioid antagonist Naltrexone that works to uncouple the relationship between alcohol and pleasure.

    You will then receive a course of counselling sessions as well as relapse prevention planning and benefit from a complimentary 12-month aftercare programme once you leave rehab.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 0800 326 5559

    Cocaine detox and rehab in North Wales

    A man in a one to one therapy session in North Wales

    It can be difficult to recognise the switch between casual use of cocaine and full-blown addiction, as the changes can happen gradually without the affected person being aware.

    The effects of cocaine take place very quickly, after which the substance will rapidly leave the body. As a result, many people begin to use cocaine in repeated bursts and may end up ingesting a large amount in one session.

    This can lead to a psychological addiction that can only be resolved by completely stopping your cocaine intake under medical supervision and attending a course of counselling sessions to re-train your brain. [8]

    Cocaine rehab in North Wales can help you resist the often intense cravings associated with this drug and allow you to find joy and fulfilment in life without the use of mind-altering and addictive substances.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 0800 326 5559

    Heroin detox and rehab in North Wales

    The intensely euphoric sensation associated with using heroin for the first time cannot be replicated, and many people spend their whole lives chasing this elusive feeling after becoming addicted to this substance.

    Unlike many other substances, heroin is both physically and psychologically addictive.

    This means that your body can develop a dependency on this substance and require heroin to function, while the brain experiences intense cravings and a constant drive to ingest more. [9]

    As you can imagine, heroin rehab is a difficult and unpleasant process involving detox, counselling and relapse prevention.

    You can increase your chances of success and long-term recovery by entering a rehab clinic in North Wales that specialises in treating heroin addiction.

    During the rehab process, you can switch to a less-addictive substance that is safely and medically dispensed.

    Some people remain on this form of maintenance therapy for the rest of their lives, while others will eventually detox completely.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 0800 326 5559

    Cannabis detox and rehab in North Wales

    a woman in a therapy session sitting on a sofa in North Wales

    Image above: Woman in therapy in North Wales

    While many people argue that cannabis is not addictive, the increase in North Wales residents seeking treatment for cannabis addiction speaks volumes.

    This debate may stem from the fact that cannabis has not been found to be physically addictive.

    However, it is extremely psychologically addictive, with many people experiencing intense cravings, severe anxiety and memory problems when attempting to reduce their cannabis intake. [10]

    When you enter rehab for cannabis addiction, you will have access to high-quality therapy treatments aimed at re-training your brain and helping you to find the motivation to continue with recovery.

    Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is an extremely effective technique that focuses on changing your thoughts to change your life. This form of therapy is often used in cannabis addiction recovery in North Wales.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 0800 326 5559

    Which therapy treatments are available at drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales?

    A man in therapy in North Wales

    Image above: Man in therapy session in a drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales

    In popular culture and the media, therapy often shows the patient laying down on a couch and unburdening their emotions while the counsellor listens intently.

    However, in reality, many different types of therapy are effective in their own ways.

    Some forms of therapy are active, such as equine and dance therapy. Others involve supporting others while sharing your own feelings, such as group therapy.

    Drug and alcohol rehabs in North Wales benefit from a wide range of therapy treatments, with the most common listed below.

    If you are unsure which therapy treatment would benefit you most, our staff will be able to guide you toward the most effective options, which will usually be discussed as part of the assessment process.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 0800 326 5559

    Do I have a dual diagnosis in North Wales?

    If you are struggling with substance use addiction in North Wales and experiencing multiple relapses despite being determined and motivated to recover, you may be living with a dual diagnosis.

    Someone with a dual diagnosis is dealing with a mental health condition and a drug or alcohol addiction, both simultaneously. [11]

    This is more common than you may think, with almost one in two people seeking treatment for a substance use disorder meeting the criteria for a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder.

    Many people attempt to treat their addiction without considering their mental health condition. This is usually not an effective treatment method, as the two disorders often interact with each other, and it can be difficult to separate them.

    Someone with anxiety or a social disorder may use alcohol in an attempt to mask their symptoms and function within society.

    If the alcohol is removed, but no action is taken to treat their underlying anxiety disorder, it is highly probable that they will eventually relapse.

    Similarly, repeated drug use has been proven to increase the chances of developing a mental health condition such as anxiety or schizophrenia.

    In many cases, it can be difficult to spot where the addiction ends, and the mental health condition begins.

    It’s crucial to accurately identify patients with a dual diagnosis. The staff at our drug and alcohol rehabs in North Wales are experienced in treating this condition using scientifically-backed methods and empathetic care.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 0800 326 5559

    The key to successful relapse prevention in North Wales

    It’s normal to feel concerned about the possibility of relapsing after you leave drug and alcohol rehab in North Wales – after all, you will be re-entering your former environment, which may be littered with triggers and potential cravings.

    Thankfully, your counsellor and medical team will work with you before your programme ends to ensure that you are prepared and ready for life after rehab.

    They will guide you in creating a relapse prevention plan which you can refer back to regularly throughout the days, weeks, months and years after you leave the clinic.

    This can involve identifying your triggers, planning healthy ways to respond to stress and cravings and potential roleplaying scenarios that may occur as you relocate back into daily life.

    It can also include various techniques such as HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired), which involves checking in with yourself to ensure that you are living a balanced lifestyle to prevent yourself from becoming vulnerable to relapse.

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    What Aftercare Services are there in North Wales?

    Group holding hands in North Wales

    As North Wales is home to a large number of drug and alcohol rehabs, residents of this county also benefit from a variety of aftercare options.

    So, what exactly is aftercare?

    When you leave the relative safety of your chosen rehab clinic in North Wales, you will once again be exposed to potential triggers, cravings and opportunities to access substances.

    Aftercare refers to the ongoing care and support that you receive as you transition back into daily life. It can help you to stay on track with your recovery and continue to make progress.

    Some of the most popular forms of aftercare available in North Wales include:

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 0800 326 5559

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in North Wales

    AA meeting in North Wales

    Alcoholics Anonymous North Wales (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are local support groups in North Wales that meet regularly to share advice and guidance while providing support to people recovering from an addiction.

    Almost every town and city in North Wales has a branch of AA or NA, and they also run online meetings for anyone unable to attend in person.

    A medically-supervised home detox programme in North Wales

    If your addiction is mild and you meet the other requirements of a home detox, it may be an option for you to undergo the detox process from the comfort of your own home.

    A psychiatrist will assess you and prescribe any required medications, and you will be monitored via telephone or video calls throughout the process to ensure your safety and comfort.

    An outpatient programme at a local drug and alcohol rehab clinic in North Wales

    As mentioned earlier in this article, an outpatient programme can be an effective alternative to traditional inpatient rehab for patients who have other responsibilities that could prevent them from seeking treatment.

    You will be able to attend rehab on a part-time basis, returning to your home each day and continuing with your other obligations.

    SMART Recovery programmes

    If you wish, you can continue your recovery after rehab with a self-empowering form of addiction treatment known as SMART Recovery, which stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training.

    This programme contains many of the same techniques you may have encountered during CBT, with trigger management and mindset changes playing a large role throughout this treatment.

    Al-Anon meetings for friends and family members

    A man sitting at an AA meeting smiling in North Wales

    We know how devastating it can be to watch a close friend or family member struggle with addiction.

    Everyone affected by substance use needs a place to share their emotions and experiences, and Al-Anon meetings allow you to find support in other people who may be going through similar things.

    Help a loved one with addiction in North Wales

    Two people walking together in North Wales

    If you are here not for yourself but for a loved one you are concerned about, we are also able to help. You do not have to be the one with an addiction to contact us. We are still here to offer any advice and information you may need during this tough time.

    We understand that dealing with someone suffering from an addiction can lead to feelings of hopelessness and desperation, but you are not alone in this fight.

    As well as general support, we also offer professional intervention services that you can take advantage of to ease some of the pressure of coping with a loved one’s addiction.

    All our professional interventionists have experienced addiction themselves in the past, so they are the most equipped to help your loved one through this challenge and are trained in techniques guaranteed to guide your loved one towards a possible recovery. You can reach out to us on 0800 326 5559.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 0800 326 5559














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