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Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Surbiton

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Surbiton

    What is an addiction? Is it a lack of discipline, or is it an illness?

    Contrary to misconceptions about addiction, it is officially recognised as a chronic brain disease.

    Drug and alcohol addiction can be divided into four present factors, commonly referred to as the Four Cs.

    These four Cs are:

    • Compulsion
    • Cravings
    • Consequences
    • Control

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    Compulsion resembles the person’s irresistible urge to perform an action.

    This could be to seek illegal drugs or consume alcohol, in whatever situation.

    Cravings are what make addictions so deadly.

    People who suffer from addictions will crave substances so much they seem almost as essential as food and water.

    Consequences refer to how people are aware of the dangers of drug and alcohol consumption. If they are fully aware and still disregard these consequences, this can be a clear sign of how powerful their addiction is on their mind.

    Finally, Control (or Impaired Control) is when the person cannot control their consumption habits. Their impaired control means they are unable to exercise restraint, and they require professional support to combat addiction.

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    If you have any questions about drug and alcohol rehab in Surbiton or the addiction recovery process in general, a member of our team of experts will happily assist you.

    We are here to assist you throughout your recovery process, offering a wealth of information so you know exactly what to expect from your time in rehab.

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    How Do I Know If I’m Addicted?

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    If you find yourself struggling to limit the consumption of a drug or alcoholic substance, you may have an addiction.

    If you are still sceptical, there are a myriad of physical and psychological symptoms to look out for.

    Physical symptoms can come in the form of nausea, fatigue, lethargy, and more.

    Examples of psychological symptoms include but aren’t limited to anxiety, paranoia and depression. Symptoms will vary from case to case, however impaired control is the predominating symptom.

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    Battling an addiction will cause alterations in the brain through dopamine deficits.

    With each consumption, tolerance levels will increase.

    People who suffer from addiction will continue consuming high levels of substances, not to feel good but to avoid the discomfort caused by addiction.

    As their tolerance increases, it becomes life-threatening to match levels which can recreate the euphoria that drugs or alcohol once had.

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    Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Surbiton

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    According to a study conducted by, London has the highest levels of cocaine consumption out of any European city.

    Over 500,000 doses of cocaine are consumed each day.

    This figure amounts to twice the amount of any other city included in the study. Additionally, estimate that around 300,000 Londoners are alcohol-dependent.

    Around 2.4 million Londoners are consuming levels of alcohol which place them at increased risk. Finally, alcohol-related harm often accounts for 70% of A&E admissions on weekends in London.

    Don’t let addiction control your life – get the help you need from a drug and alcohol rehab in Surbiton by calling our team today on 0800 326 5559

    Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate

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    When discussing the facts and figures about drug and alcohol addiction, it is important to remember that addiction doesn’t discriminate.

    By this, we mean that no one is invulnerable to the effects of addiction, regardless of their wealth, age, sex, ethnicity, beliefs, or any other factor.

    People’s addictions can be exacerbated by nature or nurture, there are many variables to consider.

    For example, personality traits like impulsiveness can exacerbate addiction.

    Additionally, someone whose parents or grandparents fought addiction are more likely to inherit these vulnerabilities.

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    These are examples of natural factors.

    Nurture factors, on the other hand, come in the form of coping strategies due to trauma, and environmental or social factors which expose people to these substances.

    Financial and housing insecurities are also examples of nurtured addiction. released a study which confirmed that 2015 to 2020 saw a consistent annual rise of inpatients for crack cocaine addiction.

    A pattern emerged which demonstrated that almost 20% of inpatients entering treatment faced housing insecurity.

    This will have been augmented due to the pandemic, as will other factors which lead to addiction, such as social isolation, depression and so on.

    Whatever the causes of your addiction, find support at a drug and alcohol rehab in Surbiton by calling our team today on 0800 326 5559

    Why Choose a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Surbiton?

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    With the support of a drug and alcohol rehab in Surbiton, you can expect to receive high-quality treatment.

    The rehab will present you with a wealth of knowledge, resources, and facilities to enable your recovery.

    Additionally, a personalised recovery plan will be designed to maximise your responsiveness to recovery.

    Addiction is complex, and each case is unique. Because of this, it is important to implement personalised recovery programmes for each patient.

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    The variables mean that one form of treatment will not be adequate for all patients.

    Successful recovery rates are also far higher for inpatients than they are for outpatient or independent recoverers.

    This is because independent recoverers lack the tools or resources to develop and sustain a long-term sobriety plan.

    If you would like to experience the benefits of a drug and alcohol rehab in Surbiton, talk to our experts today on 0800 326 5559

    What Happens At a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Surbiton?

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    While programmes will vary from one patient to another, patients can expect to follow a similar structure whilst in rehab.

    Following a health assessment, a consultant psychiatrist will have identified a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Surbiton. Once the patient arrives here, they will likely undergo a medicated detox.

    A medicated detox is a process that allows harmful substances to exit the body.

    This will be facilitated in a safe and comfortable environment regulated by medical professionals.

    In addition to this level of safety, the patient may receive medication such as Subutex, prescribed by an addiction physicist. This stage may last around 7 days.

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    Following the successful detox, the patient will undergo therapy.

    Therapy can come in a range of forms, varying from communication therapy and behavioural treatment all the way to holistic therapy.

    Communication therapy includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, Support Sessions, and much more.

    CBT helps the patient to understand and change problematic thinking and behavioural patterns.

    DBT, on the other hand, is implemented to help patients manage intense feelings and emotions.

    Both go hand-in-hand in fostering a more constructive approach and controlled behaviour.

    Motivational Interviewing and Support Sessions are effective in helping patients to manifest their goals.

    By speaking their personal objectives into existence, it becomes more tangible.

    By listening and resonating with others battling addiction, inpatients can find inspiration to drive their motivation.

    Holistic therapy

    Holistic therapy is all-encompassing, as opposed to treating individual symptoms.

    It is effective in optimising the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit through specific treatments and living a generally healthier life.

    Holistic activities come in the form of acupuncture, art therapy, music therapy, equine therapy and much more.

    Experience any and all of these excellent treatments at a drug and alcohol rehab in Surbiton by talking to our team on 0800 326 5559

    After Rehab

    How Effective is Group Therapy

    Following a successful spell at a drug and alcohol rehab in Surbiton, patients will now sustain their recovery on the outside.

    They will have newfound skills and confidence to manage their recovery with more independence due to their experience at rehab.

    While the patient may now have more independence, they will still receive support through an aftercare programme.

    This will include support and therapy sessions, help to attend a 12-step programme, continued addiction counselling and more.

    Make sure that your stay at a drug and alcohol rehab in Surbiton is matched by an equally effective aftercare plan by calling us today on 0800 326 5559

    Reach Out Today

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    While the wealth of information may be overwhelming, it is important that you act quickly.

    Addiction ruins the lives of many people all over the world, and you or your loved ones are not exempt.

    By dialling 0800 326 5559 or emailing, you can initiate your journey towards recovery with OK Rehab. Battling addiction is a monumental task, and it takes all the support necessary.

    At OK Rehab, your recovery is at the forefront of our priorities.


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