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    Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wales

    For years we at Ok Rehab have supported many individuals recovering from chronic addiction whilst they suffer from mental health issues. Through our referral service, we have been able to pair patients with rehabilitation centres that are able to cater to their needs and provide them with the right support for their healing.

    In order to do this, we have a few steps we have to complete before we refer you anywhere. The first is an assessment completed by a professional. This is normally done over the phone, and it’s a chance to give you the space to talk freely about yourself, your mental health, your addiction and how it has impacted you.

    We need to know these things so that we can decide on a centre to send you to. Once we have completed this assessment, Ok Rehab will then find somewhere best suited to you. We will also talk to the centre and curate a bespoke programme that best fits your needs.

    We ensure that we do all of this as quickly as possible. This is because we understand how time-sensitive addiction can be, and how important it is to offer help as soon as you ask for it.

    Our main goal is your health, and so from the moment you reach out to us until long after you have been discharged, we will do everything in our power to make sure your health is much better after you have stayed with us. Both mentally and physically.

    Why Should I Consider Rehabilitation?

    Addiction is very easy to fall into. Anyone in the world can fall prey to it, no matter what they might think. Drugs and alcohol can often alter the ways in which the brain works to believe that in order to feel happy, to feel good, you have to rely on certain substances/drinks.

    For this reason, it’s healthy and highly recommended, to attend rehab in order to receive professional help to rework the brain so that it doesn’t associate the thing you’re addicted to with the part of the brain that rewards this with a dopamine rush.

    At one of our centres located in Wales, you will be able to do this. You will be able to talk to someone about how your addiction has affected you, you will be in a space where confidentiality is key and where you will not be judged or looked down on.

    You will also be surrounded by people who will have gone through a similar situation to you, who will understand many of the struggles you might have had to fight through and understand the toll that addiction can take on your life. You will never feel alone, unusual or judged whilst you are here and healing.

    You will also be completely removed from the things in life that caused you to stress, and from areas where drugs and/or alcohol is easy for you to go gain access to. Here, the world goes on pause, and all that matters is you, your body, and your mind.

    However, it is important that before you seek help, you ensure that you truly want to receive it. The centres we work with can do their best to support you and to give you the best treatment possible, however, none of this matters if your mind isn’t also focused on healing.

    With recovery, there can’t be one foot in and one foot out. Your whole being has to be focused on a brighter future without addiction. It won’t matter how long you stay with us, how much treatment you receive or how much therapy you attend, recovery will not be feasible unless it’s something you truly want.

    Will I Have to Go Through Withdrawal?

    Within our centres, we have three main steps that we ensure each of our patients go through. The first is detoxification and is often the step that many would like to avoid, and might prevent them from seeking help. However, within our centres in Wales, we want this step to be as painless as possible.

    We understand how daunting and horrible the symptoms of withdrawal can be, however, detoxification happens in a controlled environment with professional health care workers there to support you.

    We have several different medications on hand to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal, depending on the type of addiction you have and how severe it is. For example, we can provide you with Librium or Diazepam to help you cope.

    We can also provide you with daily supplements such as Vitamin B or Thiamine, this will help you to restore the levels in your brain back to normal and to strip the brain of its need for your addiction.

    However, these supplements alone won’t be all you need, extensive therapy and group work will also be needed in order to have the desired recovery effect.

    For some patients, these medications might not be enough, so for those struggling with opiate addiction, this includes drugs such as Heroine, we’ll have to prescribe a replacement drug. This will be something like Acamprosate or Naltrexone.

    Opiate withdrawals tend to be much harder to deal with and much more severe, this is because whist all addictions are harmful, opiate addiction can be all-consuming, and so it’s incredibly important that detoxification of this nature is handled with a special kind of care.

    What Will Rehab Be Like?

    The next step after detoxification is optional, however, we highly recommend it. Rehabilitation should go hand in hand with detoxification, as, although the toxins may be removed from your body, the effect addiction had on your body and your mental health won’t be.

    If this isn’t addressed then relapses can be likely, and it can end up causing more pain in the long run. For this reason, after you complete your detoxification, which can last anywhere from 7-11 days, we will then encourage you to stay within that centre and participate in the treatment we have curated for you.

    Each patient will have had very different life experiences to each other and maybe struggling with different types of addiction, in regards to severity and longevity. Due to this, we ensure that the rehabilitation part of the programme contains treatments completely bespoke to this patient.

    This includes therapy, both talking therapy, sometimes fitness therapy, and holistic therapy. You can either participate in 12 step work, psychotherapy, CBT, and many other different methods used to help patients open up and explore themselves more.

    Holistic therapy is used to get in touch with your creative side and help you to discover parts of yourself by doing things such as yoga, mindfulness and even reiki.

    All of this is regulated by Care Quality Commission and is done to help you understand your body and yourself. We want to delve into why your addiction started and help you gain tools to prevent it from happening again.

    Addictions can come about any time and be caused by anything at all, but one of the most common reasons they begin is because of trauma. At Ok Rehab, we are offering you a safe space to not only recover from addiction but also to heal past wounds that seem to keep bleeding.

    You can gain access to this part of the programme in two different ways. Whilst we highly recommend that you stay within one of our centres for both detoxification and rehabilitation, we understand that not everyone can do this.

    Whatever the reason, we’ll be able to treat everyone, regardless of whether they stay within the rehabilitation centre, or if they commute back and forth. The first, and the most recommended, is the inpatient programme.

    This is especially recommended for those with moderate to chronic side effects of addiction and who also suffer from mental health issues. Also, if your home life isn’t a place where healing is feasible, for example, the area you live in might be part of the reason you’re struggling with addiction, or maybe your family and friends aren’t very supportive of your healing journey.

    If you relate to any of this, then we’ll recommend that you become a residential patient and stay with us for as long as your treatment requires.

    However, the outpatient programme has high success rates and also is very well suited for a number of patients seeking help. You will still receive the same support and the same treatments as a residential patient, but instead of staying within the centre, you’ll return home as normal instead.

    This is incredibly convenient for our patients who are unable to take time off of work, their symptoms are minimal and their lifestyle requires flexibility.

    This step lasts for 4-12 weeks, and can sometimes be longer based on the progress you make. If you don’t feel ready to leave just yet, then that’s okay. Healing doesn’t have a time stamp and shouldn’t be rushed. Each step should be sure and taken with confidence.

    We want this treatment to last you for years, the purpose of the effort we put in is to ensure that you don’t have to suffer from a relapse shortly after you leave.

    When you do leave, you still won’t be left in the lurch to cope in the outside world alone. We’ll refer you to a series of group sessions, support therapies and we’ll provide you with a helpline that you can call at all times of the day whenever you need additional support. We refer to this as aftercare.

    Any Concerns?

    Our main purpose at Ok Rehab is to assist and help all that come to us. We want to make your lives better. As the years have gone by the number of deaths related to drug and alcohol addiction has multiplied, we want to put a stop to that.

    We don’t want that number to continue to climb, rather we want it decreases significantly, and that’s why we implore you to seek help from us.

    We’re here to be the middle man, to refer you to places in Wales that we know will do their best to help you with your recovery. You don’t have to do anything at all other than pick up a phone and get in contact with us today.

    If you wish to know more about our services or would like to start an enquiry for yourself or a loved one, call us today on 0800 326 5559, or fill in our online form to receive a callback.


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