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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Weston-Super-Mare

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Weston-Super-Mare

    If you live in Weston-Super-Mare or the surrounding areas, then you are within range of a large variety of rehabilitation options.

    With both inpatient and day-patient care available across different centres and establishments, OK Rehab can assist you in finding help for a range of problems associated with addiction.

    The first step of rehabilitation is seeking help, and many people are discouraged by the thoughts of sharing their experiences and opening up about their addiction. At OK Rehab, we understand this better than most, and our team is specially trained to deal with and handle a large variety of situations.

    All calls are confidential, and you will never be judged for anything you choose to share with the OK Rehab team.

    Rehabilitation centres in Weston-Super-Mare provide numerous services to aid with the physical and mental problems that addiction can cause. This can involve helping the body recover from substance abuse as well as therapy for mental health issues.

    Most programmes available through these rehabilitation centres focus on educating individuals about addiction in an attempt to help them understand it better and therefore be better equipped to deal with the problems it may cause.

    Abstaining from any substance, after once being addicted, is an incredibly difficult process.

    This is exactly the reason why the rehabilitation programmes offered through OK Rehab are specially selected for each individual and comprise of a number of different treatment programme options.

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    Some addiction treatment programmes, such as those based on the 12-step abstinence model, cover many issues associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

    These programmes are not only used for drug or alcohol addictions, but also addictions such as shopping, food, gambling, sex, and computer use. They aim to work from the source of the addiction and help the individual to overcome this from their own self-realisation.

    These programmes are also used to treat more complex addictions such as combinations and those that are more specific.

    Alternatively, there is also a shorter version of this treatment programme (the 12-step programme can often take months to thoroughly work through).

    This shortened version is less effective when used alone, but when combined with other treatments, its value is truly shown.

    Most of these shortened programmes involve a detox, to begin with. The time length of this differs between individuals but can vary between 5-14 days for most.

    After the detox, the individual can continue to a variety of different treatment programmes specifically chosen for them.

    These can include:

    Rehab centre facilities

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    Though each centre is different, there are still several features that you can predict when choosing OK Rehab.

    Most centres offer luxurious accommodation – either private or shared depending on your preferences and needs – where you will be able to request items such as television sets, DVD players, and telephones. Again, this will depend on the centre, your preferences, and your eligibility for some services.

    Often, there will be a common area where you will be able to socialise and interact with other patients staying in the centre. Usually nearby or combined is the canteen where professionals provide high-quality meals at dedicated mealtimes.

    Some centres offer exercise facilities such as gyms or swimming pools, though these are more common in larger establishments. There are often also internally run yoga and exercise classes available if the centre has the required space and facilities.

    Alternatively, if you require a quiet space away from others and staff, there will be suitable areas in which you can be supported to do this.

    The first step

    Have questions about anything you have read today? Or about addiction in general?

    Please contact a member of the OK Rehab team on 0800 326 5559 to start your rehabilitation journey today.

    All information shared with our staff over the phone is treated as highly confidential, and no matter your situation, we want to help you overcome your addiction and return to relatively normal life in Weston-Super-Mare.

    OK Rehab also provides support across the UK as well as nearby areas in the Southwest of the UK such as Yeovil, Taunton, Glastonbury, and Bath.

    Please call us for more information on the services available in your local area.


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