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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Barnsley

    There is unfortunately a great deal of shame and embarrassment that surrounds addiction. Many see it as a choice when it is in fact a complex psychological disorder.

    It is because of this stigma that many individuals suffering from a drug and alcohol abuse problem or addiction feel isolated, humiliated, and feel as if their situation is helpless.

    If this sounds like you or a loved one, you don’t have to feel this way. Here at OK Rehab, we specialise in getting people who are experiencing addiction the help they sorely need, in a judgement-free space.

    With our help, you could soon be placed in a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnsley, on your way to a full recovery. It just takes one call to our free helpline to get you there, so don’t let the negativity surrounding addiction stop you – contact OK Rehab today.

    There is no shame in seeking help

    We are here to help all patients, no matter their circumstances. Regardless of whether you are just now noticing signs of addiction within yourself, or you have been struggling for years and years in silence, we are ready and waiting to offer support and get you placed into a drug and alcohol rehab near you.

    Our team, many of which have suffered from addiction in the past themselves, will be on hand every step of the way for you during this challenging time, and they are better equipped than anyone to understand your situation and the complicated emotions you may be feeling.

    Dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction is hard enough, but when you combine that with searching for a suitable rehab, it becomes decidedly more difficult. This is where we at OK Rehab come in.

    We find out, with a little help from you, what type of treatment options will be necessary for you and your particular addiction, we refer you to the most appropriate clinics and residential rehabs in Barnsley, and we do so whilst factoring in any budgetary requirements you may have. This means you receive the best care possible, with the least amount of effort from you.

    A quick telephone assessment starts this process off by allowing us to get to know you as a patient a bit better. We may discuss your personality, age, weight, the length and severity of your addiction, and what substance(s) you have been using. All of this information is used to secure you a place at a rehab facility that is suited to your needs, which gives you a higher chance of reaching a full recovery than a blanket treatment and rehab experience would.

    Rest assured this phone assessment is a safe space for you to talk about your addiction – any information you give us remains confidential and is only used when finding you appropriate treatment.

    We have an abundance of experience here at OK Rehab, and we are ready and waiting to put it to use getting you the help you need. Thousands of people across the UK, and many like you in Barnsley, have already relied on our services – now it’s your turn to benefit from our support.

    Drug and alcohol rehab in Barnsley

    We have a vast network of rehabilitation centres in all corners of the UK, meaning there is a very high chance that one of these facilities will be perfect for you. Our job is to help narrow down and find that perfect rehab, whether that be in Barnsley or further afield.

    All the rehabs that we recommend are registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission). This means that you will not be referred to a rehab clinic that does not offer a high standard of care. We only work with the best of the best when it comes to our clinics, and we maintain this by rating each one based on patient feedback, and the annual report made by the CQC.

    The majority of our network of clinics across the country offer residential rehab, which is the treatment option that we recommend to our patients the most often.

    This is because residential rehab offers many more benefits than an outpatient treatment or an at-home option does.

    All care and treatment you receive is under one roof, and you have constant support from our team of medical staff and therapists if you should need it. You are able to safely undergo detox and be prescribed medication on-site, and you are removed from any possible emotional triggers of your home environment.

    An advantage to staying local for residential rehab is the transition from your home life to rehab – and back – will be much smoother, and you will be able to heal in a place you are familiar with, but one that is still detached from the stresses of day to day life that could lead you to use drugs or alcohol once more.

    What to expect

    Every client’s experience with our services and with their stay in rehab will be different. No patient ever receives identical treatment to the next, and this can sometimes leave individuals nervous about the unknown that lies ahead.

    Whilst we cannot tell you exactly how your time in rehab in Barnsley will pan out, we can outline briefly some of the main processes that every patient will go through.

    As we mentioned before, when you contact us we will conduct a short phone assessment. This helps us find the perfect rehab for you, and once you’re there, a second assessment will be performed by one of our doctors. This is simply to further understand your condition, both mentally and physically.

    After this assessment, you may undergo a drug and alcohol detox. This is a step some may not go through as they will have already done so at home. If you are experiencing any withdrawal symptoms, you may be prescribed medication to combat them.

    At some point, you will be introduced to our team and will be able to make yourself more comfortable with the clinic. You may be given a tour of the facility.

    It is after this that you will begin to attend a number of therapy and counselling sessions, either in groups or in a one-on-one setting.

    When you eventually leave our care, you may receive a personalised aftercare plan to help you continue your treatment back home. If you do require any further support, however, you can call our 24/7 helpline on 0800 326 5559, or even return to the clinic for additional treatment.


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