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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Eastleigh

    Recovery can sometimes seem like an impossible solution to drug and alcohol addiction. When you are dependent on substances, the idea of giving them up and pursuing abstinence may seem like something only others can do.

    However, OK Rehab are here to tell you that you have the power to overcome your addiction. No matter how badly you are struggling and how long you have been battling addiction, it is never too late to reach out for help.

    If you don’t know where to start, simply contact us and we will inform you about addiction treatment in Eastleigh. After reading this article you will know how, why, when, and where to seek help. What’s more, it will not be your responsibility to manage the logistics of treatment – we do it all for you.

    Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Eastleigh

    The main treatment options in Eastleigh are detoxes and therapy, which can take place at home, in an outpatient clinic, or at a residential rehab facility.

    1. Detox

    Detoxes flush toxins out of your system in order to restore your physical health. After consuming substances for a long time, your body becomes dependent on them to function. Detoxing helps to undo this process and allow you to live a substance-free life.

    Most detoxes last several days and involve some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as weakness, tremors, fatigue, and nausea. If serious symptoms develop (such as hallucinations or seizures) medication can be administered accordingly.

    2. Therapy

    Detoxing is not enough to treat a moderate to severe addiction. It may treat the physical symptoms, but therapy is needed to tackle the psychological side. Most people turn to addiction to self-medicate due to painful life experiences e.g. childhood trauma, divorce, grief, or bullying.

    Therapy shows you how to handle this trauma in a healthy way. Depending on the types of therapy you have at rehab, you may reprocess this trauma, talk through the effects of it, or challenge negative thoughts associated with the trauma.

    3. Home

    It is possible to have a detox at home if your addiction is mild. Doctors and nurses will visit your home and guide you through the detox, prescribing medication for any strong cravings or painful withdrawal symptoms.

    Unfortunately, this option does not include therapy and therefore it is not recommended if your addiction is anything more than mild. We would only recommend home detoxing for patients who are unable to commit to residential rehab.

    4. Outpatient

    You can also undergo detox at an outpatient clinic in Eastleigh. This provides more support as there will be plenty of staff members on hand to help with your withdrawal symptoms. If you opt for outpatient treatment, you will also be able to have daily therapy sessions at the clinic which will help treat the psychological symptoms of addiction e.g. paranoia, low mood, mental fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

    5. Rehab

    Finally, the option we recommend the most is drug and alcohol rehab in Eastleigh. You will be able to have a detox and therapy in rehab which puts you in the best position to recover sustainably. Rehab is the most intense option as it involves living in a facility for around a month with no access to substances. As you can imagine, this produces the best success rates.

    The Benefits of Residential Rehab in Eastleigh

    Drug and alcohol rehab is successful because it takes you out of your current situation with which you are struggling and places you into a healthy environment that is conducive to recovery. At rehab, you will have a private ensuite room, excellent leisure facilities, and beautiful grounds to walk in. This is likely to differ from your everyday life that is full of appointments and commitments.

    It takes around 28 days to break a habit, so staying in rehab for 28 days gives you the best chances of recovering successfully. It may seem like a long time but it is worth it in the end. If you are concerned about being away from family for this length of time, OK Rehab can find you a facility that allows weekly family visits or even family therapy sessions.

    Finally, rehab is a community. When you enter rehab in Eastleigh, you will meet fellow victims of drug and alcohol addiction who you can share your story with. This will help with any feelings of shame surrounding your substance abuse as you will realise that addiction affects people from all walks of life.

    The staff also play a significant part in the community feel of rehab. Doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and addiction specialists will work round the clock to provide you with high-quality care. Everyone at rehab will be rooting for you to recover, from the friends you make to the staff that take care of you.

    What Does Life Look Like After Rehab in Eastleigh?

    Before you exit rehab, you will receive a relapse prevention programme that aims to reduce any chances of relapse in the 12 months following your stay. Often, this consists of weekly therapy sessions (individual and group), helpline numbers, and scheduled check-up calls. Your chosen rehab centre will be there for you as you navigate sobriety in your everyday life.

    Sober life is what you make it. If you follow the advice of the addiction specialists that you meet in rehab, you will be able to manage your addiction by making changes in your life. For example, you could join a local support group in Eastleigh to keep you accountable every week.

    Avoiding triggers is particularly important as you will always be susceptible to substance abuse no matter how long you have been in recovery.

    This may look like distancing yourself from certain friends, avoiding social situations with drugs and alcohol, and not keeping substances in the house.

    You should also be open with your family and friends as this will prevent feelings of shame from arising. If you are honest with your loved ones when you are finding recovery difficult, they can support you and help prevent relapse from occurring.

    When your aftercare programme expires, we recommend finding a therapist who specialises in addiction. The best type of therapy to have is often Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as it is proven to help with drug and alcohol addiction.

    CBT encourages you to explore the relationship between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You will realise that you turn to drugs and alcohol after experiencing negative thoughts and subsequent negative feelings.

    If you can challenge the negative thought ‘I can’t cope’ with the realistic thought ‘I am capable of managing my addiction’, you are less likely to feel ashamed and weak, which means you are less likely to engage in addictive behaviours.

    Ultimately, after completing treatment successfully, life after rehab can be utterly liberating. Sobriety is the gift that keeps on giving. You will have more energy, more motivation, better physical health, stronger relationships, and greater control over your life.

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    Your first call with us is completely free of charge. We will ask you questions about your experiences with addiction in order to make a decision on which treatment option in Eastleigh would be best for you.

    Following our conversation, we will research local centres and put you in contact with one that suits your requirements.


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