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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Erith

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Erith

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Erith

    While drug and alcohol addiction is often misinterpreted or even stigmatized, it is officially recognised as a chronic brain illness. Some individuals may misconceive addiction, relating it to poor lifestyle choices or discipline.

    However, it is a complex and debilitating disease, ruining the lives of many globally.

    What Does Addiction Do to Your Body and Mind?

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    The effects and symptoms of addiction can manifest themselves in many ways and will vary from case to case. Physical symptoms may appear in the form of nausea, lethargy, fatigue, and more.

    Some examples of mental symptoms are paranoia, anxiety, and depression. However, one of the prevailing symptoms which consistently appears is impaired control.

    Addiction is a chronic brain disease of brain reward. This brain reward coerces individuals to seek out the reward via an addictive substance, and repeat this behaviour.

    The yearning for this substance can become so intense that it is difficult to function and perform simple tasks.

    With each consumption, tolerance levels will increase. This means that a higher level of consumption is necessary to achieve previous levels of satisfaction.

    In turn, this will lead to dangerous consumption levels, resulting in many deaths. If you leave addiction to fester, the same can happen to you.

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    If you or a loved one are seeking the support of a drug and alcohol rehab in Erith, contact us today. At OK Rehab, we are determined to help you reach full recovery. Our team of experienced professionals are equipped to assist you in the battle against addiction.

    Contact OK Rehab today by dialling 0800 326 5559 or emailing By reaching out, you can discuss your options with a member of our team.

    You will have the option to complete a quick and free health assessment over the phone. With these details, a consultant psychiatrist will identify the right drug and alcohol rehab in Erith for you.

    For more information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Erith, call 0800 326 5559.

    Drug and Alcohol Statistics in Erith

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    Drug and alcohol addiction is rife in communities across the globe, and Erith is no exception. Being in Southeast London and the county of Kent, Erith is surrounded by areas that face monumental problems.

    • According to, the levels of how much cocaine Londoners consume each day are twice the amount of any other European city.
    • More than half a million doses of cocaine are consumed each day, equating to around £2.75m in value.
    • Additionally, reports that almost 300,000 Londoners are alcohol-dependent.
    • Furthermore, the same study shows that almost 2.5 million consume harmful levels of alcohol per week. It is -also estimated that during the week, 35% of A&E admissions are alcohol-related. This figure doubles to 70% over weekends.

    The shocking statistics do not stop there. estimates that alcohol abuse leads to a financial burden of around £70 million, each year, in Kent alone.

    The cost is astronomical considering this is the cost for one county alone. Additionally, over £40 million is spent safeguarding the children of parents who suffer from addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction affects the community as a whole.

    These effects are considered to be secondary or indirect effects. While addiction poses detrimental and potentially deadly primary effects for those battling it, secondary effects are monumental.

    Families and friends will suffer emotional trauma from witnessing a loved one battling addiction. This can lead to relationship breakdown and social isolation.

    A Public Health England review also saw a correlation between a high-stress work-life and alcohol consumption.

    Combined with the pandemic, which has augmented financial insecurity and mental health issues, it is no surprise that London and the surrounding area suffer from excessive drug and alcohol consumption.

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    Why Choose a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Erith?

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    Addiction may be a chronic disease, however, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t unable to overcome it. reported that over 90% of young inpatients at rehab successfully recovered without falling back into addiction within the next 6 months.

    It is important that you seek the support of a drug and alcohol rehab in Erith. Here, we can ensure that you receive care of a high standard. Our providers are regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England.

    With the support of a drug and alcohol rehab in Erith, you can expect the right resources, facilities, and supervision to optimise your recovery. An experienced and professional rehab facility will provide you with a personalised programme.

    Here, a consultant psychiatrist will have evaluated your details and requirements to create the perfect recovery programme for you.

    Addiction will vary from one patient to another. Causes may stem from psychological, biological, or socio-environmental factors, and the severity is scalable. Because addiction is a spectrum, we must treat each case as uniquely as possible.

    This is where independent recoverers often fall short. They fail to design a sustainable, long-term recovery plan. Additionally, they lack the facilities and resources to support their recovery.

    As an inpatient at a drug and alcohol rehab in Erith, your responsiveness to recovery will be maximised.

    For more information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Erith, call 0800 326 5559.

    What Happens During Rehab?

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    When you reach your drug and alcohol rehab in Erith, you will undergo several stages. Each stage is carefully planned and supervised by a team of medical professionals.

    After you discuss your needs and requirements with a member of staff from OK Rehab, a consultant psychiatrist will identify the right rehab facility for you.

    With your consent, you will enter a drug and alcohol rehab in Erith.

    When you arrive at your drug and alcohol rehab in Erith, you will undergo a medicated detox. The medicated detox stage is where you will allow toxic substances to withdraw from your body.

    This will be facilitated in a safe and comfortable environment regulated by medical professionals. To ease potential withdrawal symptoms, an addiction physicist will prescribe you medicine.

    Following your medicated detox will be a psychological detox through the form of communicative and holistic therapy. Communication-based therapy will come from Cognitive Behavioural and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (CBT and DBT), as well as Motivational Interviewing and Support Sessions.

    • CBT is implemented to help you understand your thought processes and behavioural patterns. Not only will you come to understand them with CBT, but you will have a more positive and constructive attitude towards yourself and addiction.
    • DBT is often utilised to help patients with a history of trauma or addiction. It is effective in helping patients manage their intense emotions and feelings.
    • Motivational Interviewing is a therapy that helps reinforce intrinsic motivation and personal goals. It consists of speaking your objectives into existence. The more you discuss and communicate your intentions, the more tangible they become. This is similar to support sessions. In support sessions, patients will communicate about their experiences and resonate with others in similar circumstances. It is an opportunity to gain insight and reinforce your goals.
    • Holistic therapy is also an effective form of therapy that is implemented. It is all-encompassing and intended to optimise the mind, body, and spirit.

    Forms of holistic therapy could come in a wide range of activities depending on your personalised programme. Aromatherapy, mindfulness, yoga, and reflexology are all examples of holistic therapy.

    After your stay at a rehab facility, you will undergo an aftercare programme. You will have learned invaluable information and coping mechanisms to ward off relapses, and your newfound skills will prove invaluable in your sustained recovery.

    You will also have the support of your local drug and alcohol rehab in Erith, so you will never be alone in your fight against addiction.

    For more information on Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Erith, call 0800 326 5559.

    Reach Out Today

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    Contact OK Rehab today, and we can assist you in your battle against addiction. Our providers are regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England. With our assistance and drug and alcohol rehab in Erith, we can facilitate your recovery.

    Statutory-Funded Addiction Programmes Near Erith

    Here are a few options near you.

    1. NHS Drug and Alcohol Service

    Address: Health Centre, 50 Pier Rd, Erith DA8 1RQ

    Telephone: 01322 357940

    2. One North East London

    Address: 10 The Broadway, Woodford, Woodford Green IG8 0HL

    Telephone: 02082 200132


    3. Newham Drug and Alcohol Service

    Address: 3 Beckton Rd, London E16


    In addition to this, there are more helplines such as Mind UKYoungMindsRethink Mental IllnessSamaritansPapyrus and SMART Recovery that will also help with your recovery.

    Alternatively, find an Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous near you. The NHS are also there to help you.

    Get in touch with our dedicated team by dialling 0800 326 5559 or emailing

    You can discuss your options with a member of staff free of charge or commitment. The longer an addiction is left to fester, the more difficult it becomes to battle. The best time to take action is today.

    We offer addiction support across London, in areas such as Barnes, Battersea, Bethnal Green, Camden Town, Chelsea, Clapham, Finchley, Fulham, Greenwich, Hampstead, Hanwell, Highgate, Kensington, Kingsbury, Lewisham, Marylebone, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Paddington, Shoreditch, Soho, Thamesmead, Tottenham, Walthamstow, West Ham, Westminster, Wimbledon and more.


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