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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Exeter

    Have you decided that you want to create a new, healthy life for yourself? One without drink or drugs where you have control of behaviours and habits? Perhaps it’s time to build a future where you can start to achieve things that are important.

    Taking the step away from drugs and alcohol is one to be celebrated. It’s a huge deal and a choice that will take all your effort to achieve. It will, however, be more than worth the effort you put in.

    Quitting a substance brings many benefits. There’s improved physical health. The body is capable of healing miraculously when you cut out drugs and alcohol, eat healthily and participate in an active and positive life. Then there are the psychological benefits where you’ll be able to feel comfortable in the space of your own mind.

    There’s also the impact of what quitting a substance does for your social, financial, and professional life. You’ll be able to find and develop new interests around people who support your choice of an abstinent lifestyle.

    Choosing to recover from drugs and alcohol in Exeter can be made much simpler by accessing quality treatment. OK Rehab can provide you with all the information you need for local services. With your permission, we’ll also refer you to the most suitable treatment centre in your area.

    What type of treatment is there in Exeter?

    There are two types of services you can access. There are government-funded centres where you’re assigned a key worker. You’ll have access to one-to-ones where possible and will be able to attend groups when they’re timetabled in.

    These types of services are very effective at treating those who have mild substance misuse issues. People can access them as and when they need to. It’s useful if you have a life where you want to fit in sessions around your responsibilities.

    The other type of treatment you can access is the well-known rehab option. This is where people go to stay at a clinic for a length of time. Historically, people would stay at a rehab centre away from where they lived. Nowadays, this isn’t necessary as private clinics are available throughout the UK.

    Staying at a rehab clinic in your local area can be really useful in supporting your treatment. If you’d like your family to be involved in some of your sessions, this can be arranged.

    This is especially helpful where relationships are strained. Staying local is also a positive way to prove to yourself that you can quit drugs and alcohol in the same place you’re used to using them.

    How do I know which is the best clinic for me?

    There are many treatment programmes in the Exeter area. It’s confusing knowing which to contact. Not only that, but it can be daunting. Especially when you have to repeat your story to different people at the different centres.

    OK Rehab makes this process easy for you. We can handle the entire referral process making the arrangements simpler. This means you don’t have to keep going over the same things. After a pre-assessment with us, we gather the relevant information about you, the addiction problem, and your goals. With our extensive knowledge of treatment services in Exeter, we’re then able to match you to the most suitable programme.

    By giving OK Rehab consent to handle your referral, you’ll be in the best hands and find the best clinic for you.

    What’s a pre-assessment?

    A pre-assessment is a phone call with one of our experienced and friendly members of staff. You’ll be explained a little about OK Rehab and then be led through a series of questions. Some of the questions might be a little uncomfortable to answer. We ask these in order to understand the nature and severity of the addiction.

    We treat your information in confidence. When we know a bit about you, your life, the addiction, and your goals for the future, we’ll then explain the treatment options in Exeter. We’ll guide you through what is the most suitable.

    If you’re interested in a referral to a treatment programme, we’ll then do this whole process for you.

    Our staff are compassionate and will emotionally support you throughout the phone call.

    Do I have to pay for drug and alcohol treatment?

    Paying for treatment really depends on your situation. There are rehabilitation programmes in Exeter to suit people whether they have a budget or not.

    It’s advisable, however, if you have a budget available to consider investing some of this into top quality treatment. A private rehab clinic provides a total package of care and recovery support. This means your period of transition to sobriety is as smooth and fully supported as possible.

    What are the benefits of a stay at rehab?

    When you stay at rehab you’ll experience the total benefits of a holistic approach to your treatment. Practitioners recognise the importance of treating the whole of the person. This means taking into account every part: the mind, body, and soul. There are treatments for the physical, mental, emotional, and social self.

    Physical treatments can include medications for those who experience dependencies on substances such as heroin and alcohol. At rehab, there are doctors and nurses present to prescribe and support you for the detox period. This means your withdrawal is made as comfortable as possible.

    The treatments for your mind include various therapies. These are essential in building your new mental foundations to cope with triggers and cravings. Therapy also shows you how to manage your reactions to situations that you find difficult.

    When you find new ways to manage your reactions without using alcohol or drugs, you’re able to become resilient and build confidence in your ability to keep this strength into your future of sobriety.

    There are many psychological therapies to support you, which include the following:

    • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy.
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
    • Motivational Interviewing.
    • Talking therapies.
    • Art and music therapies.

    You’ll also participate in group sessions with other residents. This is often a very insightful and helpful space for many people who appreciate sharing with others who are experiencing similar situations.

    A stay at a private clinic is a transformational period. It will bring a whole range of emotions and new sensations.

    As long as you’re ready to totally commit to recovery and are determined, you have the goods to heal.

    What happens at the end of a stay at rehab?

    Leading up to the end of your stay, you and the staff will make a plan to support your recovery into the future. This means that you’ll identify strategies and how and when to use them when you’re facing difficult moments back at home.

    You’ll also be encouraged to maintain contact with the clinic and to access groups and sessions in the future. This supports you in terms of relapse prevention and will provide you with ideas on how to structure a healthy lifestyle going forward.

    How do I get a referral?

    To get a referral to local services in the Exeter area, contact OK Rehab today. We’ll hold the pre-assessment with you and find you the most suitable treatment programme. We aim to place people quickly so that you can start your recovery as soon as possible.

    We would be delighted to help you on your journey to recovery. Simply call us on 0800 326 5559 for a free initial assessment. A lovely helpline advisor will guide you through the process of getting help for yourself or a loved one.


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