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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Lincoln

    Have you been habitually using drugs and/or alcohol for some time and have noticed that your use has increased over time, or have become concerned that your habit may have crossed the threshold into an addiction?

    It can be particularly difficult from a drug or alcohol users’ perspective whether an addiction is present, as the very nature of addiction means that denial is rife, it’s therefore often possible to convince yourself that you don’t have a problem. If this sounds familiar, however, it’s possible that you are already experiencing signs of an addiction problem.

    Drug and alcohol addiction is a widespread problem across the UK and worldwide, with Lincoln being no exception, so if you’re living in Lincoln and think that you may be at the stage where you need to find some help, the good news is, it’s available locally to you.

    Once you’ve considered that you may have a problem, even if you’re unsure whether that’s definitely the case, this is the best time to reach out for professional help and advice. Here at OK Rehab, all of our call handlers are in addiction recovery, so they have intimate knowledge of the telltale signs that an addiction may be present.

    We can provide help and advice, as well as referral to top addiction treatment facilities in Lincoln and the surrounding area, should you need it. Our service is free and completely confidential, so call today for a friendly chat, on 0800 326 5559.

    How to find suitable drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in Lincoln

    Here at OK Rehab, we can help you to determine whether you need help, as well as what sort of help will be most beneficial to you, if you do need it. A short, but detailed assessment will allow us to recommend addiction treatment that offers you the most successful opportunity to make a recovery.

    Our drug and alcohol addiction specialists will need to ask you about your substance use, including the type, quantity and regularity of use. We will also take into consideration your current side effects, any pre-existing conditions and your budget, as well as personal preference of location.

    Once we’ve determined the severity of your addiction problem, we will be able to recommend a treatment type, as well as local partner facilities that provide them. Whilst we are not a rehab facility, we do advocate addiction recovery treatment and have partner facilities across the country, including in and around Lincoln, all of whom provide a high standard of care.

    All of our recommended partner addiction treatment centres are regulated by the CQC (Quality Care Commission), which means that they all adhere to high standards of client care. There are different clinics available to suit different needs and budgets, but all offer the same standard of medical care and experience in addiction treatment.

    Many people feel more comfortable recovering close to home, and there are a number of facilities that we can offer that are local to Lincoln, however, if you do prefer to put some distance between your recovery and your daily life, it’s also possible for us to provide a referral to a centre further afield in Lincolnshire County, for example:

    • Boston
    • Skegness
    • Grantham
    • Scunthorpe
    • Grimsby

    How to recognise the common signs and symptoms of a drug or alcohol addiction

    It can be overwhelming to make a decision as life-changing as choosing to seek help for your addiction. When deciding whether or not this is the right course of action for you, it can therefore be helpful to understand the sort of symptoms in yourself that can highlight an addiction problem.

    It can be difficult to admit these behaviours to yourself, but it’s important that you are honest with yourself. Remember, addiction is a progressive disease, which means that if left untreated, it will become more deeply rooted over time.

    Many people make the mistake of thinking their behaviours are not severe enough, however, it is never too early to seek help when you feel addiction is forming. The difference between today and too late, on the other hand, can be very short indeed.

    If you are experiencing any of the following behaviours or something similar to the below, please reach out to OK Rehab today.

    • You are unable to get through the day or week without drugs and/or alcohol
    • When you don’t have access to regular substance use, you feel either mentally or physically unwell, or both
    • You’ve noticed a change in your mood, personality or quality of life
    • You have begun to experience the signs of a mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety etc
    • You are fully aware of the dangers of continued drug and alcohol use, but this does not alter your desire to use them
    • You are defensive about your drug or alcohol use when others mention it, perhaps beginning to hide usage from family and friends
    • Increased use has developed over time, either the frequency of use or the amount you use or both. In some cases, you will need more than before in order to get the same effects
    • You spend substantial time planning your use, such as how you will afford or obtain your next fix, how you will fit it into your daily life etc

    These are just a small number of many possible signs of an addiction, please get in touch for further guidance. There is no judgement on our part, we were once where you are now. Let us help you to find the right path, 0800 326 5559

    Outpatient treatment vs residential treatment success rates

    There are a number of drug and alcohol addiction treatment options available in Lincoln, including outpatient and community services provided by NHS and local authority clinics. Unfortunately, due to high demand and low availability, it’s difficult to obtain funding for this type of treatment. The treatment available through these routes are also usually outpatient facilities.

    Whilst outpatient addiction recovery may provide some benefits to those with very new or minimal addiction problems, it’s unlikely that anyone struggling with a substance addiction will be able to recover from this method of treatment.

    There is a large degree of self-management required in order to maintain attendance to clinic appointments and this is not often possible for those experiencing addiction symptoms.

    At OK Rehab, it’s highly likely that we will recommend private residential rehab, as this offers the most successful treatment option for those with moderate to severe addiction problems. Our partner residential rehab facilities offer a comfortable and calming environment that is conducive to addiction recovery. Private ensuite facilities are available and a holistic approach will be taken to tackling your addiction problem.

    Whilst this form of treatment is more costly than other options, the success rates far outweigh the financial expense. We will, of course, consider your affordability in the recommendation of the facility. There are different programmes available to suit different budgets, with many of our partner facilities offering a payment plan option, to help those with restricted budgets.

    Will I need to go through a full detox?

    As the majority of private residential rehab clinics in the UK follow the abstinence model of addiction treatment, it’s highly likely that your treatment will involve a medically assisted detox to begin the recovery process.

    This approach is intended to address both the physical and psychological connections that you have made with drugs and/or alcohol, so it’s important that you achieve sobriety, in order to better focus on your recovery.

    This form of detox is the safest available, with our partner detox clinics closely following NICE guidelines for safe medical detox and each patient receiving round the clock monitoring.

    Your withdrawal symptoms will be managed and minimised, where possible, with the use of medication. Once you are sober, you will be best placed to focus on the remaining aspect of your recovery, which involves breaking down the psychological link.

    Is mental health support available?

    Leading modern psychotherapy will be used to help you highlight and diminish your triggers, unlearn addictive behaviours and replace them with healthier habits and build up a reliable relapse prevention plan, prior to your return to daily life in Lincoln.

    Your specific therapy sessions will be tailored to you and detailed in your personalised programme, on admission, however, you are likely to benefit from the following types of therapy:

    • Cognitive behavioural therapy
    • Motivational therapy will be recommended
    • Personal counselling
    • Group therapy
    • Alternative therapies and educational seminars

    If a dual diagnosis is uncovered throughout the course of your therapy, you will be referred to adequate mental health support, which will continue beyond your rehab stay.

    After discharge, a range of aftercare services, including ongoing mental health support will be available for at least 12 months post-rehab, to help with maintenance of your newly found sobriety.

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