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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in North Yorkshire

    There is an unnecessary stigma surrounding addiction. This stigma and the negative stereotypes that are attached to those struggling with addiction can stop people from seeking crucial treatment.

    We do not want that to be the case for you. If you are here, you have taken the first brave step towards recovery, and we applaud that. We understand admitting you need help can bring with it feelings of embarrassment and shame, but here at OK Rehab, we know what you are going through, and we are not here to judge, but to help.

    With this help, you can be placed in a drug and alcohol rehab in North Yorkshire in no time, and on the road to recovery.  Call us today on 0800 326 5559 to see what we can do for you.

    Why should I choose OK Rehab?

    OK Rehab is comprised of an excellent team of dedicated individuals that have all experienced addiction themselves in the past. This means we know better than anyone what you are experiencing right now, and we understand the complex emotions that you are feeling during this tough time of seeking support for your addiction.

    This also makes us the best-equipped people to help. We know through our own experience and experience helping other clients what works and what does not when it comes to addiction treatment, and we can now pass this knowledge onto you.

    Because we have experienced similar situations to yours previously, we can also offer a completely judgement-free zone when discussing details surrounding your addiction. We have heard it all before, and we will always aim to get you the help you need regardless of your personal situation.

    We recognise how crucial this time is for you, so we strive to not only find you the best possible care and addiction treatment in your area but to do so as fast as possible.

    Whilst struggling with an addiction, wasted time can be dangerous and too much of it can cause a relapse. This is not what we want for our clients, so we work to get you placed in the right rehab before this becomes a possibility.

    Can I recover at home?

    Throughout the UK, there are undoubtedly a few lucky individuals that succeed with at home recoveries. Unfortunately, this is rare, and an option that we are not likely to recommend to the majority of our clients.

    Whilst at home recovery options and detoxes can mean more independence for you, less commitment and a chance to stay in the comfort of your own home and possibly also stay at your job, they can be incredibly risky.

    If done improperly and without the correct medical knowledge, some ‘DIY’ detoxes can be severely dangerous, in some cases even fatal.

    It is also much harder to recover at home alone as you remain in the exact environment that most likely contributed to your addiction in some way. The majority of addictions are caused by certain triggers such as difficult emotions you wish to avoid, traumatic events, dysfunctional families, pressuring friends, abusive relationships and stressful careers.

    Attempting to recover in a place where you are more likely to encounter these triggers and be tempted to turn to drink or drugs to cope once more is much more challenging than in a professional environment.

    That is only one obstacle of many. Having easier access to drugs and alcohol also makes it much harder to stay withdrawn, and at home, you can go so far as to have it delivered to your door without having to lift more than a finger. If you are someone who is not especially strong-willed, this particular challenge could mean an unwanted early relapse.

    Another drawback to attempting to recover at home is that addiction is not just a physical illness. Addiction deeply affects the mind just as much – if not more – as it does the body, and if you are only treating the physical aspect of your addiction with a detox, you are neglecting the many mental aspects.

    Only with professional support and therapy can these psychological factors of addiction be treated, rendering an at-home recovery much less likely to be successful.

    One of the other disadvantages to being alone at home during this tough process is not having support. If you are lucky, you will have friends and family readily available to help you out, but this isn’t the case for everyone, and without a network of support, a relapse can be right around the corner.

    Why should I choose a drug and alcohol rehab in North Yorkshire?

    Just as there are many reasons to not choose risky at-home treatment options, there are a host of reasons to instead opt for a drug and alcohol rehab in North Yorkshire.

    In a rehab setting, especially that of a residential rehab programme, all the concerns mentioned above surrounding possible at home recoveries are taken care of.  You also have a dedicated team of medical staff and therapists on hand 24/7 throughout your journey who can help you with anything you may need.

    All your treatments take place under one roof making it much easier and simpler for you, and you are surrounded by like-minded people who understand what it is you are going through.

    Of course, residential rehab is the option that requires the most effort, time and also money from you, but it is the only option that is well worth what you put in and gives the highest chance of recovery for all clients.

    What other treatment options are there?

    Other than at home detoxes and residential rehab, there is also the option of outpatient treatment.

    This method of addiction treatment is a mixture of both rehab and at-home options and incorporates a detox done at home with daily (or weekly) visits to the clinic for treatment.

    Outpatient treatment is a good option for those dealing with less severe addictions, those who have used a lower class substance, and individuals who thrive in independent situations like this one.

    If you are someone who needs around the clock care or who has a very serious addiction, outpatient treatment would not be recommended.

    If you are unsure which method of treatment will be most beneficial to you, give us a call today on 0800 326 5559, and we can discuss your situation in detail to determine what would work best.

    What treatments should I expect when I’m in rehab?

    During your stay at rehab, you will participate in a number of therapies and holistic treatments that aim to rid you of your addiction.

    What you partake in will be determined early on in the enquiry and admissions process, thorough assessments of you and your addiction.

    Through these assessments that evaluate the severity of your addiction, the substance you use, the length of time you have been using for, your personality and character, we can narrow down which treatment options will be most beneficial to your recovery.

    Because of this, no client will ever receive the exact same treatment, and we cannot at this time detail exactly what to expect from your time at rehab.

    However, some of the main methods of therapy you will likely encounter include: Cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, art therapy, family therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, contingency management, acceptance and commitment therapy, and motivation enhancement therapy.

    This is not an exhaustive list, and you will not experience just one of these therapies. To fully recover from addiction both mentally and physically, a combination of these therapies alongside a drug and alcohol detox is recommended.

    How much does rehab cost?

    Unfortunately, many individuals will choose to go without professional treatment and opt instead for dangerous at home detoxes due to the price tag that is assumed to come with residential rehab programmes.

    Here at OK Rehab, we do not want anyone to miss out on vital addiction treatment just because of their financial situation. Rest assured that our team of councillors will strive to get you the help you need regardless of your circumstances.

    During your enquiry, do not be worried to speak out if money is a concern of yours. We can discuss any budgets you have or setbacks you may be experiencing, and can often work around these obstacles.

    No matter your situation, we will aim to get you the crucial addiction treatment you deserve, so don’t be nervous to reach out to us.

    How long will I be in rehab?

    The average length of time spent in rehab is 28 days. This is the tried and tested typical time needed for clients to fully experience and benefit from rehab.

    It gives you enough time to detox fully from drugs and alcohol, experience withdrawal symptoms, attend multiple types of therapies, come to terms with your addiction, identify possible triggers and root causes of your addiction, learn how to avoid them, discover new coping techniques to replace old unhealthy ones, and to overall prepare for life back home.

    Of course, 28 days is just the average, and for some this may not be long enough.

    There is no shame if this is you, and a recovery is still conceivable whether it takes you the usual 28 days or much longer. There are many factors that go into deciding how long your stay at rehab will be, and whilst some of them you can influence, such as being open to treatments and having a positive attitude, some are out of your control and cannot be helped.

    As for those that may need less time in rehab than the expected 28 days, this is not an excuse to be lax when it comes to aftercare or proof that you are ‘cured’ of your addiction.

    A full and long-lasting recovery is still very much possible with either of these situations. Instead of focusing on the finish line of the road to recovery, we recommend focusing on the journey itself and the improvement you make along the way.

    How to get in contact with OK Rehab

    If you are ready to receive treatment for your addiction and are considering a drug and alcohol rehab in North Yorkshire, contact us today via one of the following and we can help get you there as soon as possible.

    Call us on: 0800 326 5559You can also fill in the online form to receive a call back when we are available.



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