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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in York

    York is a popular city filled with beautiful architecture and award-winning tourist attractions. Though behind this exterior lie some worrying figures. In the past few years, both York and Sheffield have shown some of the highest statistics for drug-related deaths. York also scored higher than the national average in terms of binge drinking statistics.

    The effect alcohol can have on our lives is sometimes very normalised and we don’t always recognise its severity. It can also be very easy to overlook how it can damage our physical and psychological health. In the UK drinking has a very ubiquitous presence and is seen as something used to socialise and facilitate good times.

    The truth, however, is that it is one of the most addictive substances and can damage your life beyond repair. Using alcohol may seem fun and harmless but the more we look at it this way the more we become more vulnerable to abusing it later on in life.

    At OK Rehab we understand that there is a demand for addiction services all across the UK, but our team are here to help. Our staff are trained to a very high standard and are aware that substance abuse is triggered by a variety of factors such as physical and mental health issues, family problems, divorce, job loss and so much more.

    Deciding to remove substances from your life for good is a challenge. The first step on the path to recovery is admitting you have a problem. We work closely with many rehab clinics in and around York to provide life-changing services for people struggling with addiction. If you are ready to commit to addiction treatment call our team today on 0800 326 5559.

    What are the first steps to seeking treatment?

    We know that thinking about receiving treatment can feel like a very daunting prospect. You may not feel like reaching out due to fear of rejection or shame. The journey to finding treatment can also feel intimidating due to the sheer amount of treatment plans and rehabs available. We aim for you to feel comfortable enough to select the correct treatment plan in a well-facilitated clinic as it can pave the way for life-long sobriety and successful recovery.

    This is where we can help. By contacting us today we can conduct a short assessment to find out more about you and your expectations for treatment. Our staff will also ask questions about your addiction, but rest assured everything you tell us will remain confidential. We can offer you free advice and point you in the right direction to clinics in York that are best suited to your needs.

    Many people struggling with addiction have completed rehab and stayed in recovery due to the correct treatment plans offered to them. We advocate for all people searching for addiction treatment to find a centre with dedicated staff and evidence-based treatments. Our team are equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to help you find the best residential rehab.

    Do I need professional support?

    Sourcing professional support can help you overcome your addiction successfully and for this reason, residential rehab is almost always advocated. By attending a specialist facility, you can make great use out of the structure and routine that is on offer. This can help you both during your time in treatment and upon your return back to society.

    Residential rehab also offers you the chance to work alongside a tailored plan suited to your needs and expectancies for recovery. You will be able to take advantage of leading addiction treatments in a safe and luxurious environment. This can help you and the staff at your selected clinic draw up recovery plans, especially upon completion of treatment.

    Investing in professional services and care can allow you to recover in the best hands. All staff are trained to an excellent standard and have many years of experience working with addiction treatment programmes and rehab centres. Staff are always committed to ensuring your safety and successful recovery. If you are willing to make a change in your life, we will stand by your side throughout treatment offering professional, life-changing advice. You will also be able to experience the high quality of care first-hand and understand the importance of private treatment.

    What are the usual signs of drug and alcohol addiction?

    It can be hard to spot the signs of addiction in someone you love and especially within yourself. With alcohol, it may seem like simple fun until it’s too late. As alcohol is one of the most addictive substances it can have serious effects not only on the individual but, on their friends, and family too.

    Take a look at the list below, do you recognise any of the signs?

    • You use drugs and alcohol daily
    • You find it hard to admit you have a problem
    • You lie to family and friends about your whereabouts and avoid attending events
    • You struggle with finances and use whatever money you have to fund your addiction
    • Your work has suffered
    • You have been in trouble with services such as the police

    If one or more of these things seem familiar to you it may indicate that you require help for substance abuse. Contact our team today to find out more about how we can help you.

    Attending residential rehab in York could be your best chance at receiving high-quality care and entering life-long recovery.

    What are withdrawal symptoms?

    Withdrawal symptoms occur when an individual stops taking the substance their body is dependent on. In rehab, you will undergo a medically assisted detox meaning any withdrawal symptoms you feel will be professionally managed at all times. If you need it, staff can also prescribe medication.

    Withdrawal symptoms vary for each patient and depend on the severity of your addiction before entering treatment. Drugs and alcohol affect the body in a wide variety of ways so when an individual ceases consumption of them, the body tries to adjust to this new normal whilst craving the substance it was dependent on.

    Are you familiar with withdrawal symptoms? Here is a list of the possible symptoms you could experience when you begin detoxing:

    • Fatigue
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Abdominal pain
    • Tremors
    • Heart palpitations
    • Fevers

    This may seem incredibly unnerving but try to remember you will always be under medical supervision from staff with years of experience in their chosen field. It is also far better to detox for one to two weeks in a monitored facility than at home where triggers and distractions are present. Detoxing at home is very rarely advocated for severe addictions and can cause more damage to your body. We recommend you speak to one of our dedicated team to discuss any questions you may have about this form of treatment.

    Let’s do this together

    Addiction very rarely comes out of nowhere. Many factors trigger addiction, as touched upon earlier. We are living in stressful times with many people struggling with their work-life as well as life at home. Stress affects us all differently whether it’s financial, personal, or familial. It can make us feel anxious and depressed and this is why many people turn to substances, as a way to manage the pain.

    This is a tragic cycle; when you feel anxious you will want to use drugs or alcohol and when you haven’t used them you will feel anxious and stressed. At OK Rehab we can help you break this cycle and look forward to a life free of dependency.

    Residential rehab is the most effective form of treatment and results in many patients receiving the specialist care they need. Though the NHS can offer places in residential rehab facilities these referrals are very rare so many people choose to seek private treatment. Private treatment doesn’t have to mean inaccessible treatment either. Our friendly team can talk you through your options for payment and break down the most accessible routes depending on your budget.

    Many clinics in York offer luxurious rooms and modern therapy techniques to allow you to rehabilitate with the utmost care. Staff are on hand at all times ensuring you are well looked after and monitored accordingly.

    Some of the programmes on offer include detoxification and various forms of therapy. Detox programmes allow you to emit your body of toxic substances left behind by drug or alcohol abuse. This programme can be very intense, but it is vital in allowing you to progress and heal your mind. After detox has been completed you can begin rehabilitating with the use of therapy.

    There are many different types of therapy and some clinics make use of more traditional forms whilst others will place importance on holistic therapy.

    Some types of therapy include:

    • Cognitive behavioural therapy
    • Dialectical behavioural therapy
    • One-to-one counselling
    • Group therapy
    • Family therapy

    Therapy allows you to work through your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment and allow you to explore the root of your addiction. You can also gain beneficial tools and knowledge to equip yourself with upon your completion of treatment and subsequent return home.

    Holistic therapy often includes sessions such as arts and music therapy, acupuncture, reiki, guided meditation and mindfulness. This kind of therapy can help you practice self-care and understanding of the spirit and mind.

    Reach out today

    At OK Rehab we offer free and confidential advice at all times. Our helpline advisors are waiting for your call and can help you navigate the hardship of finding a suitable treatment centre. They can also talk you through your options for treatment but remember, every decision you make regarding your treatment is your choice and we will never place pressure on you.

    Our team are here to guide you not to tell you what to do. Always remember that the treatment options available to you are evidence-based meaning they provide high levels of success and are fully effective. For rehab to work you must be committed to making change. If you are ready to leave your addiction behind, call us today on 0800 326 5559 for a free telephone assessment. From here you will be ready to take the next steps into recovery.


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