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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Leeds

    It is no secret that substance abuse and addiction can cause huge problems for individuals, as well as the families and communities around them. The effects of addiction can take a devastating toll on a person’s physical health, mental wellbeing, finances, love life, personal relationships, and overall wellness.

    For many, what starts out as recreational drinking or drug use can descend into a cycle of despair and substance abuse. Once a person falls into this trap, it can be incredibly difficult to get out.

    Perhaps it is not surprising, given our binge drinking culture and socioeconomic problems, but the United Kingdom ranks highly in terms of the number of people suffering from addiction and substance abuse. It is particularly a problem in the northern towns and cities of England.

    A recent study identified the 10 worst towns for alcohol abuse in England – of the 10 towns featured, 9 were situated in the North.

    As bleak as these statistics are, there is always hope for those struggling with addiction. If you are serious about getting clean, the best thing you can do is go to rehab, where you will be able to get many different kinds of treatment in a safe environment. This is why rehab is so effective at treating addiction – there is nothing else that offers this level of care under the same roof.

    We at OK Rehab specialise in rehab referrals, and we can get you into rehab in Yorkshire as soon as possible. All we need to do is speak with you on the phone and go through your personal assessment.

    The aim of this conversation is to find out more about you as an individual, and how you have struggled with addiction and substance abuse. Once we have a better idea of this, we will be able to recommend a rehab that is a good fit for you.

    If you are ready to start that conversation, you can call us now on 0800 326 5559, where a trained member of the OK Rehab team is waiting to talk to you. We understand that this is a big step, so please feel free to read on and get more information before giving us a call.

    How OK Rehab Can Help You

    We at OK Rehab have one main function and goal – to get those who need it into a suitable rehab, as quickly and easily as possible. With our expertise and our extensive network of contacts, we have the means to refer our service users to a top-quality private rehab facility in the West Yorkshire area.

    This gives those who are struggling the chance to focus on their recovery in a safe, secure environment, while not being too far from home and your support network.

    There are many different rehab centres in the West Yorkshire area. We have knowledge of each of these facilities and how they operate.

    Once we have found out a little more about you and your addiction problems, we will be able to make a sound judgment as to which rehab would be the right one for you. From there, we help you with the practicalities of getting into rehabs, such as cost, financing, timeframe, and other such concerns.

    Why Should I Choose Rehab?

    If you are committed to the goal of getting into recovery and staying sober, there is no other method that is more effective than enrolling on a dedicated rehab facility.

    This is due to the comprehensive nature of the treatment that you can receive at rehab – it covers everything from your initial detox and treatment plan, all the way through to planning for success in recovery once you leave.

    It all happens in the same place, over the same reasonably short period of time – this is usually about 28 days, although it varies depending on your needs.

    You may be able to access most or all of these services outside of rehab – however, it will likely cost a lot more money, and will likely be much more difficult to organise.

    At rehab, everything happens in sync, as part of a firm plan, and in a safe controlled environment where you can focus on recovery away from the stresses of day-to-day life outside. There is a reason so many people choose rehab – quite simply, it works.

    Private Rehab in Leeds

    We have a huge amount of different rehab centres on our books, all of which have their own slightly different way of doing things. This is part of the value we provide – helping you to differentiate between the types of treatment on offer, and offering a recommendation as to where would suit you best.

    Despite the differences in approach, all the rehabs that we refer to have one thing in common – they are all private rehab facilities that offer the best quality of care available will incur a cost for treatment.

    While costing will always be a concern (this is something we are happy to discuss with you at length) there is a very important upside to choosing private rehab – you will not have to wait to receive treatment.

    There may be the possibility of getting a rehab placement through the NHS or other social services – however, it is likely that, due to high demand and low availability of placements, you will be stuck on a waiting list for a substantial amount of time.

    Going through OK Rehab means that you will be able to start your recovery as soon as possible, which significantly increases your chances of achieving recovery.

    When you are ready to call us on 0800 326 5559, the OK Rehab advisor that you speak to will be able to begin your personal telephone assessment. Once we have decided where you should go for rehab, we will be able to advise on exactly how much it will cost, and any finance options that might be up for consideration.

    You are not bound to any decision, and can take as long as you want to think about what you want to do – we are just here to give you as much information as possible. This is all part of the consultation process.

    What Can I Expect From Rehab?

    Even if you are open to the idea of enrolling at rehab, you may not be familiar with what life in rehab actually looks like. Below, we have done our best to describe what happens at rehab, which, broadly speaking, can be divided into three stages – detox, therapy, and aftercare.

    If you have any other questions about the day-to-day of rehab, you can call us on 0800 326 5559.

    1. Detox

    The first port of call will be a supervised detox, the aim of which is to get all traces of illicit substances out of your body before starting the rest of your treatment. This will be managed by a small team of medical professionals, who will be able to help you overcome any of the withdrawal symptoms that may crop up during detox.

    This could include sensations such as shivering and shaking, muscle pain, headache, anxiety, and perhaps even hallucinations. The severity of these symptoms will vary for each person, depending on a number of factors, such as how heavy your substance abuse was. Although these symptoms can be very unpleasant, they will soon pass.

    If it is an alcohol addiction that you are struggling with, it is likely that you will have your intake of drink reduced gradually over a number of days, rather than stopping straight away.

    Please be aware that you should never attempt to detox by yourself, or go ‘cold turkey’, before you get to rehab. This is an extremely dangerous thing to do, and can often result in seizures or even death.

    2. Therapies

    Once you have been through detox safely and successfully, you can get down to the real nitty-gritty of rehab treatment – your therapy sessions. Your treatment plan will be laid out towards the start of your stay at rehab and will be tailored to your needs as an individual.

    Your schedule is likely to include a number of different therapies, which will have an accumulative beneficial effect. It will include some combination of group sessions, individual counselling, relaxation therapy, reflexology, stress management, nutrition education, and perhaps some more holistic approaches such as yoga or reiki.

    Through therapy and light physical activities, you will be able to counteract the physical effects that addiction may have had on your body, as well as getting to the root psychological causes of your addiction. This will not be easy or straightforward, and you may be forced to confront some painful issues or traumatic events from your past.

    This is important to do, and will aid in your healing. You will also receive a great education on the disease of addiction in general, and be given tools to combat your addiction, such as lessons on stress management.

    3. Aftercare

    Completing rehab is a great achievement for anyone, but your recovery journey really begins once you leave the facility and start your new life in sobriety. The treatment professionals at rehab will be very much aware of this, which is why, towards the end of your time at rehab, you will be encouraged to put together a relapse prevention plan.

    The aim of this exercise, which will be completed with the help of a professional, is to identify activities or people to stay away from, as well as things to embrace and change for the better.

    For example, you may be advised to cut off contact with an old friend if they are still abusing drugs or alcohol, for the sake of your own recovery.

    On the other side of things, you may be encouraged to attend regular group therapy sessions or develop a healthy, constructive new hobby.

    The plan is designed with your own needs and traits in mind, with one simple goal – to maximise your chances of staying in recovery for good. Although some decisions may be tough to make, it will be worth it.

    Rehab in Leeds – Get Help Today

    We hope that, after reading through the sections above, you now have a much better understanding of how and why rehab is so effective at treating addiction. We are here to make your transition into rehab as smooth and frictionless as possible.

    Once you arrive at the facility, you will be able to focus solely on getting better and starting your new, healthy life. If you are ready to acknowledge your addiction, and put in the work required to face up to it, please call us on 0800 326 5559 to being your telephone consultation.

    However stressed, vulnerable, or hopeless you may be feeling in addiction, there is always a way out. Recovery is always a possibility if you trust and commit to the process.


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