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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Chelmsford

    Drug and alcohol addiction is rife the world over. In 2019, there were 268,251 in contact with drug and alcohol services in the UK.(1) The reality is that rates of those struggling with substance misuse and addiction will actually be much higher.

    There are people who don’t access services with problems and those who are addicted to prescribed medications that are missed from statistics.

    Perhaps you’ve realised that you’re using drink or drugs in an unhealthy way. Substances can slowly take over a person’s life. For some, it can feel like a shock to suddenly realise that the substance you once used for a little fun, or to help you relax occasionally has become a daily priority. It might feel hard to admit this.

    People struggle to come to terms with addiction because of the stigma attached to it. Others might see their addiction as a weakness.

    In a life where people are constantly bombarded with challenges, it’s understandable that people find ways to cope with them. Problems arise, however, when the coping mechanism a person chooses has negative effects on a person’s physical and mental health.

    Admitting an addiction isn’t weak, it takes honesty and strength to do this. The consequences of addiction do, however, create yet another challenge to face.

    At this point, contacting OK Rehab to find out about alcohol and drug services in your local area can be really helpful. We have a team of experienced, friendly, and non-judgmental staff who can talk you through all the treatment options in the Chelmsford area.

    There are services available right on your doorstep that are supporting many others towards a life of sobriety. If you’re ready to start your road to healing and recovery, you can contact us for a free no-obligation assessment to begin a life where healing begins.

    What types of treatments are available?

    There are many types of treatments and practical support services available. An addiction impacts all aspects of a person’s life. With this in mind, the best types of options include professionals who can support a person through various aspects of their lives.

    People can access support around finances, housing, and long-term education and career goals. Before that phase, though, treatment is focused on the core of the substance problem. To start with physical and mental health is addressed.

    Physical treatments are critical, especially in the case where a dependency has developed. When a person requires a drug or alcohol to function it can be dangerous to quit without medical supervision.

    This part of treatment requires a detox. It often involves the prescription and careful monitoring of medications to ease symptoms of withdrawal. Detox tends to last up to ten days depending on the substance.

    Psychological treatments include therapies that enable a person to understand their thought processes and how these are connected to behaviours.

    Some provide emotional understanding and equip a person with more control in this area. Other areas will include work which will allow a person to become comfortable and calm within their mind.

    Holistic approaches are also included and depending on where you go, there can be access to treatments such as art and music therapy, writing and journaling, and ear acupuncture.

    Group work is also a very valuable part of recovery programmes. This provides a space for people to share with others who are in the same situation.

    Aftercare programmes, especially after a residential stay at rehab, are standard practice in order to help prevent relapse.

    Combined, all these forms of treatment provide optimum space for people to build the foundation of a life in recovery.

    Is treatment really necessary?

    Perhaps you feel that things aren’t that bad. Your substance isn’t totally controlled but you don’t look too bad, you’re still getting to work etc.

    Addiction has a habit of slipping in under the radar until months or years later you look back and spot that time you thought you were in control but you weren’t. It can be really useful to think about what people who are close to you are saying, even if this feels uncomfortable.

    Whether a person takes small or large amounts of drink and drugs they can have very negative impacts on your health. This will be impacted by gender, age, genes, and all manners of other individual characteristics.

    You could decide not to face quitting, but consider your life without treatment. It’s likely that your life will go on as usual. You’ll face the same environments, triggers, and withdrawal symptoms.

    In order for positive change to happen, you have to do something new. By proactively deciding that treatment is for you, you’re making a healthy step that has ripple effects throughout your life.

    Treatment is necessary if you want a healthier mind and body and want to regain autonomy over your life.

    Is rehab suitable for those with mental health problems?

    It can sometimes be difficult to receive government-funded treatment when there is a comorbid condition. For those who have mental health problems and addiction, this situation can be very frustrating.

    It’s well-known that when people have mental health problems, an addiction can occur due to self-medication. On the other hand, when people have addictions, it can create mental health issues. The two are highly correlated and understandably so.

    Choosing to go to a private rehab clinic means you’ll be treated for both. Practitioners recognise the link between the two and take a holistic approach to treat the whole of the person. This includes treating both aspects of the comorbid condition.

    A residential stay at rehab provides a comprehensive package that allows for both conditions being present. A person receives treatments that cover both areas.

    Can I go to rehab in Chelmsford?

    Yes, you can go to rehab in Chelmsford. Before you make that decision, however, it’s beneficial to speak with one of our team at OK Rehab. There are many factors that need to be considered before choosing the necessary treatment programme for you.

    There are both outpatient and inpatient options for you in Chelmsford. Both support people with substance misuse issues in different ways. For those who have mild misuse problems or addictions then an outpatient service can be very effective.

    This type of treatment provides a key worker and some one-to-one and group sessions. A person will be able to access these around living their usual life. There are funded local services in the majority of areas in the UK. These services can, however, be very stretched.

    Inpatient rehabilitation programmes are what people often call “rehab”. In this case, people stay as residents at a clinic for a length of time to receive intensive treatment. This type of treatment is especially efficient at treating those with moderate to severe addiction and dependency issues.

    Within each service, there are different types of treatment. A person’s type of addiction will determine what is required.

    For more information on your options in Chelmsford, contact OK Rehab today. When you call us, you’ll access a free assessment where we’ll gather information about you, your lifestyle, the addiction, and your hopes for the future.

    We’ll use this to match you with the most suitable treatment programme for you but will explain all of the options. With your consent, we’ll then begin the referral process.

    When OK Rehab handles referral arrangements, it makes the transition towards recovery much easier to face. We look forward to hearing from you soon. We would be delighted to help you on your journey to recovery. Simply call us on 0800 326 5559 for a free initial assessment. A lovely helpline advisor will guide you through the process of getting help for yourself or a loved one.




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