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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Cheshire

    The first step in any individual’s journey to recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction begins when they admit they may need help. This is not only a crucial and extremely important step towards recovery but also an incredibly brave one.

    If you are someone considering the next step – seeking the help you have realised you need – we understand that it can be difficult, and can add pressure to this already stressful time.

    Here at OK Rehab, we can take control of this phase of your recovery, and help you find the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire.

    We specialise in placing people suffering from addiction in the best possible hands and helping them to receive bespoke treatment so that they can achieve a life without drugs or alcohol.

    Do not hesitate to get in contact with us today to discuss your options for recovery, and to take the next step towards a better life.

    What to expect from a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire

    Rehab can seem daunting. There are a lot of misconceptions about what occurs in rehab and what type of people rehab is for, but there is no need to fear rehabilitation as an option for addiction treatment.

    If you have admitted to yourself that you need help for your addiction, no matter the severity of your illness or what substance you have used, rehab is a viable and safe option for recovery.

    Most drug and alcohol rehabs in Cheshire offer residential rehab programmes, which is what we recommend to clients most of the time, due to the higher chance of recovery associated with it, and its many benefits.

    A residential programme would mean you staying at the facility full time. Rehab would become your new home for however long you may need, and any and all treatment, therapy or counselling would take place within the facility.

    This differs from other rehab options such as outpatient treatment because you remain at rehab 24/7, instead of just visiting weekly for your treatment.

    Although this may seem like a big step to take, and a huge investment of your time, rehab is most definitely in your best interest if you are seeking the best possible addiction treatment.

    Residential rehab means that you are detached from any possible triggers of your home environment that may have led you to drink or drugs in the first place, and places you instead of in a safe and welcoming space where you can work through your addiction without distractions from the outside world.

    We understand that day to day life can be extremely stressful, and that many times it is aspects of daily life that leads individuals to a drug or alcohol addiction or abuse problem. Residential rehab offers an escape from this and allows our clients the privacy to heal.

    Dealing with an addiction can feel isolating, but you will always have help available in rehab. Our team of highly trained medical staff and therapists will be on hand at all times, and offer judgement-free support for anything you may need during your stay.

    If you have any other queries or worries about rehabilitation, please call us today and we can help put your mind at ease with more in-depth explanations of what to expect.

    How to prepare for a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire

    You have taken the first difficult step towards recovery: acknowledgement of a problem with drugs or alcohol. If you have also decided a rehab in Cheshire is the best option for your treatment, what do you have to do to prepare?

    There are many things you can do before your admission into rehab that will make your stay easier for both you and the team.

    Admin-type preparations can include letting your workplace, friends, and family know where you will be going, and the length of time that you are expected to be away for. The average time we recommend setting aside for a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire is 28 days.

    Other preparations are more internal, such as ensuring you are entering rehab with a positive attitude and an open mind to treatments that you may undergo. It sounds clichéd, but an optimistic mindset can go a long way when it comes to addiction treatment.

    If you arrive at rehab with negative expectations or an unwillingness to try new things, you will be less likely to succeed with treatments like therapy and counselling.

    Coming to terms with your addiction, understanding that you need help, and trusting the team at your rehab are all crucial for a recovery to be possible.

    The last preparation we suggest is to get yourself ready to work hard. Addiction is not an overnight illness, therefore rehab cannot be an overnight fix.

    Rehab is no easy cure to addiction, and you must be ready and willing to actively work towards recovery and put in the effort to get there. Of course, you will receive all the help you need along the way, but a successful recovery also relies heavily on your personal determination.

    The pros of professional addiction treatment

    It is highly likely that as you have been searching for options for addiction treatment, you have considered a home recovery.

    It is true that for some individuals, a 100% home recovery is possible. If you are strong-willed, determined and independent, have a good network of loved ones to help you, and your addiction is not that severe, at home detoxes and treatment are viable options. Unfortunately, this is not the situation for everyone.

    Countless people who have tried to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction at home have failed, relapsed, and have sometimes become even more dependent on drugs or alcohol as a result.

    At home, it is much harder to abstain from substances as they are more easily accessible, especially if you do not have anyone ready to stop you from returning to substance use.

    Even if you do manage to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, undergo a home detox and manage any withdrawal symptoms by yourself, it is decidedly harder to come to terms with your addiction and work through the mental aspects of your illness without the professional help of a therapist.

    This means that even though your body is rid of the substance for a short period of time, the root causes of the initial addiction still remain, so relapse is highly likely.

    This is why we suggest professional and medical help with a residential rehab programme in Cheshire. Rehab treats both the mind and the body in a safe space that is free from drugs or alcohol, so no there are no temptations when you feel low, and relapse is practically impossible.

    For those without friends or family back home to help, rehab offers a team of people who understand addictions better than anyone as their support network instead.

    At rehab, we can help identify what led you to drink or drugs to begin with, and work with you to create new and healthier coping techniques to overcome the need to turn to a substance at all.

    Regardless of your circumstances, we will always recommend professional addiction treatment. The advantages are much greater than that of at-home options, and it gives a much higher chance of a full and long-lasting recovery.

    The costs of a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire

    It is understandable that many individuals will turn to sometimes dangerous at home detoxes or even no treatment at all due to the much lower price tag associated with it.

    At OK Rehab, we don’t want any person dealing with addiction to miss out on the chances of recovery just because of issues with money.

    When assessing you and discussing possible treatment options, we will take your budget into account. Whether you have a fluctuating budget, a low or high one, we will strive to find you the help you need.

    No matter your financial situation, you deserve suitable and successful addiction treatment, and we can find that for you.

    The length of a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire

    The average time we recommend individuals set aside for a drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire is 28 days.

    Your stay may be less than this time, or it may be more. The length of time you will need in rehab depends on you and your addiction.

    Depending on the two assessments you undergo to evaluate your condition and decide what treatments you will need (which are explained in further detail below), your rehab experience will differ.

    There is no shame if you happen to need longer than the allotted 28 days, and it does not mean that a recovery is not possible if that is the case.

    Conversely, if you are well enough to leave rehab before the 28-day mark, it is not an indicator of an immediate cure, or permission to be lax with aftercare and any further treatment.

    Your treatment options

    At OK Rehab, we strive to secure you the best treatment possible. We know that blanket, one-size-fits-all treatments, therapies and medication will not be beneficial to everyone suffering from an addiction, so we make sure everything you receive is bespoke to you.

    To do this, we perform two assessments during your admission into rehab. The first takes place over a free of charge phone call, and during this call, we may discuss aspects of you and your addiction such as: Your characteristics, your age, other general personal information, the severity of your addiction, the length of your addiction, and the substance/substances you have used.

    The second assessment will take place at the beginning of your rehab stay, and will be performed by a doctor. This assessment will further evaluate the state of your mental and physical health.

    Please rest assured that any and all information we gather from these two assessments will remain completely confidential. The data that we gain will only go towards helping us decide your treatment options.

    From these assessments of you and your addiction, we can begin determining which rehab centres will be the most suitable for your needs, and what type of treatment you may need when you arrive.

    Because of this process, we cannot tell you at this time what treatments to expect during your time at rehab. However, some of the possible treatments you may experience include: CBT, DBT, holistic therapies, art therapy, family therapy, group or individual therapy, addiction counselling, and an initial detox from drugs or alcohol.

    If you wish to know more about the various methods of addiction treatment we offer, give us a call and we can discuss all potential treatments further.


    Eventually, you will leave our care at your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Cheshire.

    After a stay in rehab, leaving can seem scary and unstable. We understand that returning back home and back to daily life can sometimes be the catalyst to relapse, so we strive to prepare you for this important day during your time in rehab.

    For the duration of your time in rehab, you will have worked with our team to identify and understand your personal triggers, so that when you leave you will be better equipped to avoid them.

    You will also have learnt healthier coping techniques that will assist with any cravings you may experience when back home, and you will have more knowledge on how to deal with these difficult situations on your own. Altogether you will be prepared for a normal life.

    You will also receive a personalised aftercare plan to help you through this challenging time.

    Of course, you may need additional treatment at the clinic, and that is perfectly normal for a recovering individual.

    Our 24/7 helpline will always be available on 0800 326 5559, and you will be welcomed back at the clinic if you require any further support with anything regarding your recovery.


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