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    Drug and Alcohol Rehab in West Midlands

    As difficult as life is with drug and alcohol addiction, it can be equally or even more difficult to accept that you need help and seek it out.

    Acknowledgement of your addiction is challenging for a number of reasons, not least of which, the fact that denying an addiction exists can be a symptom of the addiction itself.

    Drug and alcohol addiction is more common than you realise across the West Midlands, and indeed, across the country.

    Whilst it can be difficult to admit to yourself that you are struggling with an addiction problem, let alone to others, it can help to know that you’re one of many.

    The sad fact is, most people will not be able to find the strength to admit their drug and alcohol consumption has become an issue.

    If you can take that initial step, you’re already in a better place than many other people suffering from addiction problems, and the fact that you are here and reading this information means something you’ve already considered. This means you’re already on your way to making the right choice.

    Our experienced team of addiction referral specialists, here at OK Rehab, can help you with the next step.

    You’ve suspected that there might be an issue, why not contact us for a non-judgemental chat about your circumstances. If you’re not quite at the point of seeking help, we can help you recognise some of the symptoms in yourself and advise you on the best way to address them.

    Once you’ve decided that finding help is the right way forward, we can also inform you of all the treatments available in the West Midlands area that can provide long-term addiction recovery treatment options.

    We understand that this is an enormous and intimidating step for anyone who’s struggling with an addiction to take, but we want to assure you that the benefits that you will get from addiction recovery far outweigh this.

    As many people considering addiction recovery treatments have a range of concerns, we have attempted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions below. If, after reading this, you are still unsure, let us know what else you would like to know and we’ll do our best to help.

    Why you need to accept that you have a drug and alcohol addiction problem

    The main reason to acknowledge your addiction is simple, if you don’t, it will get worse. Addictions increase in severity over time and along with this comes more significant side effects.

    Side effects can manifest into long term physical and mental health conditions, some of which are life-threatening. The main benefit, therefore, is self-preservation.

    Unfortunately, some of the negative effects of long-term drug and alcohol use, such as denial and depression, can make it very easy to overlook the need for self-preservation.

    Some people find it helpful to consider more tangible elements of their life that are affected by their substance abuse, as they are often easier to acknowledge.

    Other than your own mental and physical health, drug and alcohol addiction can lead to the following issues:

    • Destruction of relationships
    • Loss of trust from family members and friends
    • Detrimental effects to your livelihood and career options
    • Financial ruin
    • Increased likelihood to put yourself and/or others at risk
    • Increased chance of taking part in criminal activity
    • A general change in your own mood and personality

    The very nature of addiction means that it’s incredibly difficult to let go of your substance use and that you either don’t believe it’s possible to do or believe that life will be too difficult or painful without substance use. In reality, whatever stage of addiction you are at, there is always hope.

    You can recover, you can live a fulfilling and happy life as a sober person. Anything you’ve lost through addiction that matters, you will likely be able to get back, once you have recovered. It’s not too late.

    The sooner your addiction problem is addressed, the better your chance of making a long-term recovery is and the easier it will be to achieve. At OK rehab we can help you to see how attending rehab in the West Midlands offers you the best possible chance of overcoming your addiction.

    How to secure a place at a drug and alcohol rehab facility in the West Midlands

    Once you’ve made that life-changing commitment to recover from your addiction, it’s time to decide what help you need and find out how to get it.

    Here at OK Rehab, we will use an initial assessment to determine the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction, as well as how significantly your life is impacted by any side effects that you may be experiencing.

    From here, we will be able to provide experienced recommendations about the types and locations of trusted rehab treatment centres in the West Midlands area.

    Once you’ve chosen your addiction treatment programme and the most convenient treatment facility for your needs, we will be able to help you with a pre-admission referral service. This helps us to obtain a place for you, without the need for a GP referral or a lengthy waiting list.

    We can provide support throughout the West Midlands, with treatment centres available in the following local areas, however, we can also organise treatment further afield, should that be your preference:

    OK Rehab partner facilities can be found in:

    Do you provide support to friends and family members hoping to refer someone for rehab treatment?

    Here at OK Rehab, we understand that you may also want to seek rehab treatment on behalf of your friends and relatives. It can be incredibly difficult to witness those we care about suffering the effects of drug and alcohol addiction, not to mention the impact their addiction has on your own life.

    We can offer advice about how to best approach a loved one about seeking help or even help you to set up a suitable treatment programme for them.

    The important thing to note, however, is that the person with the addiction problem will need to both be willing to attend the required addiction treatment and committed to their recovery. As much as you might want to take this decision out of their hands, it’s impossible to force addiction recovery.

    You can, however, speak to us confidentially and we will be happy to do everything that we can to support your intervention.

    What types of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes and facilities can be found in Birmingham?

    The West Midlands has substantial drug and alcohol misuse issues, which means that there are plenty of addiction treatment options available in the area. There are both residential rehab programmes and outpatient services available.

    Which type is most suited to you will depend on a variety of circumstances, including the level of your addiction and which substances are used.

    Outpatient addiction treatments are available across the region and often involve visiting a licenced addiction therapist.

    This can be achievable for those with milder addiction problems, however, the success of this form of treatment depends largely on self-reliance. Appointments will need to be managed and attended independently, which can be difficult when an addiction is present.

    Whilst there are some publicly-funded treatments available, such as the NHS community rehab programme, this is particularly difficult to access given the reduction in funding in this area of healthcare in the West Midlands region, as well as the significant problem that exists, reducing availability even further.

    Private rehabilitation facilities, therefore, offer the most easily accessible addiction recovery treatment option in the West Midlands area.

    Whilst it’s assumed that this treatment is out of reach due to cost, for many people, there are actually facilities available for a range of different budgets. Many of our partner rehab centres in the West Midlands area also offer payment plans, to help make their treatment accessible to all.

    Is private rehab affordable for me?

    As well as treatment programmes for each budget, the price of rehab will also vary by whether you access outpatient or residential programmes.

    With residential treatment, there will also be a variation in price in line with the length of your individual programme. Whilst a standard residential treatment programme is around 28 days, they can be shorter or longer, based on your specific needs and affordability.

    It’s easy to focus on the financial cost of treatment and whether or not that cost is attainable for you. It’s important to consider, on the other hand whether you can afford not to attend.

    The physical and mental price that you will pay if you choose not to opt for addiction recovery than any amount of money can quantify.

    A long and happy life, free from the constraints of drug and alcohol addiction is priceless.

    Our partner centres in the West Midlands are fully committed to helping you achieve your recovery goals and are willing to accommodate your financial means however they can.

    By investing in your future with a private residential rehab programme, you are affording yourself the best possible chance to recover from your addiction.

    Reach out us here at OK Rehab today and we will go through the various treatment options and their costs with your budget in mind.

    Our services are completely confidential and completely free, so this won’t add any additional financial concerns for you. You never know what’s achievable until you try and we’re here to make recovery more possible for you.

    What you need to know about the detox process

    As you will likely be aware, detoxification is a significant part of addiction recovery. Although it’s known to be unpleasant, this part of the process is essential in order to reduce your body’s physical dependence on drugs and alcohol.

    This will minimise cravings and refocus your efforts on staying clean and sober. For this reason, detox is usually the initial treatment in any structured rehab programme.

    The purpose of a detox is to remove the toxins that remain in your body from prior drug and alcohol use.

    The time it takes for substances to fully leave the body will vary depending on what they are, how long you’ve used them and in what quantities. Withdrawal symptoms are likely throughout the detox process and again, these will vary in type and severity, depending on usage.

    When you attend a detox clinic within a professional private rehab facility, the process will be monitored throughout by trained medical professionals.

    This offers the safest possible opportunity for drug and alcohol detox, as it allows your withdrawal symptoms to be addressed and minimised where possible. It also provides access to emergency immediate medical care, if it’s required.

    Although challenging, undergoing full detox is an essential part of the rehabilitation process. Drug and alcohol addiction consist of both physical and physiological connections and it’s impossible to break one without the other.

    It’s important that both aspects of your addiction and the individual reasons behind them are addressed as a part of your treatment programme. Once the physical connection has been broken, you can focus on your psychological recovery more successfully.

    Why to avoid attempting independent detox

    Here at OK Rehab,we will always recommend that you attend detox at one of our West Midlands-based rehab facilities. Whilst there are home detox kits widely available, these do not offer the best opportunity for a successful recovery.

    It is also risky to attempt independent detox, as some of the associated withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and in some cases life-threatening.

    It is therefore essential that you have professional medical support available to administer and monitor your detox safely. They may be able to prescribe medications to assist with the withdrawal symptoms of some substances.

    As well as making this safer and more comfortable for you, it reduces the chance of relapse significantly when you are being monitored.

    The benefits of speaking to professionally trained addiction counsellors

    Once your detox is complete, your treatment programme will provide substantial mental health treatment and psychological support. You will have access to professional addiction counsellors who will provide one to one sessions, addressing your triggers and the reasons your addiction began.

    A range of other psychological therapies will be added to your individual programme, these could include cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, support groups and family therapy.

    You will also have the opportunity to attend alternative supplementary therapies, such as music and art programmes, in support of your rehab.

    Throughout your time working with addiction counsellors, you will both gain a new perspective on your addiction and learn personal coping mechanisms to help prevent relapse post-rehab.

    The structured and highly comprehensive addiction recovery treatment programmes available at our partner facilities in the West Midlands, offer the absolute best opportunity to recover from your addiction.

    Help and support from the OK Rehab team

    You’ve already taken the first step by acknowledging that you may have an addiction problem, reach out for support from our team at OK Rehab today and we’ll help you take the next and most important step, towards long-term recovery.



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