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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Guildford

    Do you currently live in Guildford or the surrounding area and are wanting to combat your addiction? Are you looking to find out more about the services OK Rehab can offer you? If the answer to both questions is yes, call us today on 0800 326 5559. Our fantastic team are waiting to hear from you and can assist you in making the next step on your road to recovery.

    At OK Rehab we firmly believe in the importance of accessible and inclusive treatment for all. We have been operating since 2000 and have helped many individuals successfully combat their addiction.

    Many of our admissions team are also in recovery and have been for many years meaning they know how you are feeling and what you are going through. This can make it slightly easier to open up about your substance use and at OK Rehab we offer judgement-free advice at all times.

    Does rehab work?

    Residential rehab is often considered the most beneficial form of addiction treatment. Recovering independently sounds ideal but brings with it many challenges. Without structure and routine trying to recover is often futile.

    Free treatment services like those offered from the NHS can be beneficial to those suffering from mild addictions but for those with severe addictions, it can hinder any progress due to long waiting lists.

    Residential rehab follows an intense programme and offers great facilities that can help you overcome your addiction. It sees you leave behind your ‘using environment’ and opt to live in a neutral space at a local facility.

    We know that addiction can be very challenging to work through, but residential rehab can be your best chance at a successful recovery. Treatment is personalised to your needs and requirements giving you the resources needed to begin your new life of sobriety.

    Why is private treatment effective?

    For many years drug and alcohol rehab experts have consistently acknowledged residential treatment as the most effective way to combat addiction. Combined with aftercare that includes the 12-step programme the chances of success are even greater. There are a few reasons why private treatment is so effective.

    Take a look at the list below to find out more:

    1. Ownership

    Treatment at a residential facility allows clients to take ownership of their addiction and the consequences present. Without blaming anyone else you must be able to see that only you can challenge and subsequently change your behaviour and attitude towards drugs and alcohol.

    2. Environment

    Treatment at a private clinic provides neutral ground away from the triggers and distractions of home life. This can allow you to focus on your health and wellbeing, recovering away from negative influences in the outside world.

    3. Support

    Residential rehab allows you to build a great support network with your peers. You can also benefit from the support available by the staff present in your clinic. This level of support is usually not available within community programmes, so it is important to take advantage of it. Speaking about your addiction in a group setting can help you break down and process the roots and triggers associated with your problem.

    4. Treatment

    The clinics that we partner with use evidence-based treatment programmes, tailored to suit each client individually. They avoid a one size fits all approach which sees clients benefit from the bespoke care on offer. Personalised plans can help you achieve the maximum benefits from rehab too.

    5. Aftercare

    At OK Rehab we understand the importance of aftercare and only work with providers who offer this within their treatment programmes. Aftercare is as equally as important as the facilities offered in rehab and can influence your first 12 months in recovery. Aftercare can consist of weekly outpatient therapy sessions as well as signposting to community group such as Narcotics Anonymous.

    This can ensure your support network is strong as you transition back to home life.

    If you are ready and committed to rehab, there is no reason why you won’t succeed. Residential rehab can provide life-long benefits to people struggling with addiction, reach out to our team today to find out more.

    How long does rehab take?

    Rehab usually lasts around 28 days though this depends on the severity of your addiction and the kinds of treatment you require. We deem 28 days an appropriate length of time for you to detox and make use of the therapies on offer. This allows you to break old habits and form new ones.

    Your journey in recovery, however, is a life-long commitment. Addiction cannot be fixed quickly or always fit your schedule. You must be willing to see it through no matter how long it takes. Rehab can help you lay the foundations for long-term recovery and see you benefit from the resources available.

    Choosing to remain sober may also mean making adjustments to your lifestyle upon your return home. This may include where you live or who you live with, your social circle of friends and the places you socialise.

    To stay successfully in recovery, you must be willing to adjust your lifestyle with very little exposure to drugs or alcohol. It is also important for you to look after your mental health and physical health. By doing these things, abstinence and sobriety will become a lot easier to manage.

    Make a change today

    You can access a variety of treatments by reaching out to OK Rehab as soon as possible. If your readiness to commit to rehab is unwavering then you will be able to succeed in treatment. Call our admissions team today on 0800 326 5559.

    We advise you to reach out before your addiction worsens and with the right support you can begin your new life. OK Rehab ensures secure and effective treatment for all clients and will always stand by your side throughout this journey.

    We can also offer help for clients located in the surrounding areas of Guildford, including Farnham, Dorking, Godalming, Woking, Haslemere and Leatherhead.


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