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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bedfordshire

    If your life has been affected by drugs or alcohol, OK Rehab can help.

    Recovery is a long, challenging process but it is guaranteed to result in more happiness than addiction ever could. Substances bring short-lived spikes of happiness, but sobriety brings true contentment.

    To achieve this contentment, you must first admit that you need help. Do not underestimate your bravery in doing this; it takes a huge amount of courage to confess that you are dependent on drugs or alcohol.

    When you expose your addiction, you will come to realise that you are not alone in your fight. Bedfordshire is packed with rehab centres that help struggling individuals find their feet day after day.

    No matter how mild or severe your addiction, OK Rehab can pair you with a premium treatment centre in Bedfordshire that knows exactly how to treat your specific addiction.

    Don’t give your addiction time to deteriorate — reach out for help as soon as possible.

    What Are My Treatment Options in Bedfordshire?

    Depending on the state of your mental and physical health, certain treatment options will be better suited to you than others.

    If you need to keep your routine as similar as possible, we could arrange a home detox for you. Medical professionals will visit you for a health evaluation before you begin your detox, which may involve offering medication to reduce the chances of withdrawal symptoms occurring. This detox will be uncomfortable as you are likely to experience strong cravings. However, remember that it lasts just several days.

    Some people are seeking more structure in their treatment, so an outpatient programme is more fitting for them. This would involve commuting to a centre for the detox, which is preferable for people with severe addictions as there is more support provided. After the detox period, individuals who select the outpatient option will have regular therapy sessions at the facility.

    To be fully immersed in a recovery programme, you have to stay at the facility for an extended period of time. You could choose to spend around 28 days in a residential rehab, where you will benefit from 24/7 care throughout the process of detoxing and rehabilitating. You will also have access to wonderful facilities which could include a gym, sauna, steam room, common rooms, horse stables, and free WiFi throughout the centre.

    It is also possible to stay at home and travel to residential rehab for treatment. This would provide you with more support than an outpatient programme, while being more flexible than a month-long stay at rehab.

    Ultimately, the choice is yours. However, if you need advice, we are more than happy to talk you through the options in more detail over the phone.

    What Happens at Residential Rehab in Bedfordshire?

    Residential rehab is a community of people who all value recovery.

    First, there is the personnel, made up of doctors, nurses, addiction specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals. Then, you have your fellow patients, who are all taking the brave step of leaving addiction in the past.

    Being surrounded by like-minded individuals helps you to remember why you chose recovery in the first place. This motivation carries you through the challenges of drug and alcohol rehab. In group therapy sessions, you will get the chance to hear other people’s stories and share some of your own, which adds to the community feel of rehab.

    Two of the biggest challenges you face are detox and therapy.

    When you first arrive at rehab, you will be guided through a detox process, where toxic substances are cleansed from your system and your body learns how to function without substances. All rehab centres in Bedfordshire follow NICE guidelines to ensure the detox is as safe as possible. If necessary, medication will be provided to reduce pain and cravings.

    Therapy makes up a significant part of your rehab experience. Each day, you will meet with a therapist to delve into your past and consider why you have become addicted to substances. Everyone reacts to different types of therapy in different ways, and rehab is an opportunity to learn what works best for you out of CBT, DBT, psychotherapy, ACT, art therapy, EMDR, family therapy, group therapy, and countless other types.

    Does Residential Rehab Work?

    Residential rehab is the most successful method of recovery as it protects you from outside triggers, vastly reducing the chances of relapse.

    Despite its success, rehab is a huge challenge for everyone involved. You are only ready for rehab if you are passionate about recovering; the motivation cannot come from your friends or family.

    If you enter rehab with the intention to recover for your own reasons, it can be an incredibly successful journey.

    At OK Rehab, we aim to increase your chances of success as much as possible, so we provide you with options.

    You can select the rehab centre with the best services for your personal situation. This could include intentionally choosing a rehab with equine therapy, or opting for a rehab located in the middle of the countryside.

    In Bedfordshire alone, the options are limitless.

    Why Should I Attend Residential Rehab?

    Aside from the excellent success rates tied to in-patient centres, there are many other reasons you should consider enrolling.

    We work with rehab centres in beautiful locations around Bedfordshire. You could enjoy 28 days in the serene countryside, with an abundance of activities on offer.

    All of our rehab centres provide round-the-clock care, so you are never left alone to struggle. Day and night, the staff are working hard to ensure your recovery is as smooth as possible.

    The techniques employed by residential rehabs are proven to work well for drug and alcohol recovery. The detox ensures your physical health is immediately tended to by medical professionals, making it as safe as possible. As for therapy, you are taught healthy coping mechanisms that you can employ for the rest of your life when faced with temptation.

    Finally, residential rehab comes with an aftercare programme for the year after your time at rehab. Relapse rates skyrocket in this time, so your chosen rehab centre will do all they can to ensure you stay sober. This may include offering therapy sessions, calling to check up on you, providing you with a helpline number, and introducing you to support groups around Bedfordshire.

    What Will I Gain From Going to Rehab in Bedfordshire?

    When you emerge from residential rehab, you may notice that your mental health is better than ever. The therapy that you complete does not just focus on addiction, but on your mental wellbeing in general, and you will feel the benefit of dedicating so many hours to it.

    Your physical health is also likely to be in a better place, thanks to the healthy lifestyle promoted at rehab. You will be encouraged to keep up this lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating healthily, as this is directly linked to positive mental health.

    Rehab often gives patients the courage to take back control of their lives. Addiction is so powerful that it can cause your life to spiral out of control, but rehab encourages you to rebuild a life that reflects sobriety. After a month away from home, you will feel more confident avoiding people and places that threaten your recovery.

    Another benefit of rehab is that it fosters close relationships. You will be more honest with your friends and family which may bring you closer together after a time of great secrecy. Your relationships will be particularly stronger if you had family therapy at rehab, as this allows each family member to understand one another better.

    People are often more financially stable after rehab. This is because addiction results in overspending, therefore when the addiction is treated, you can save money by not purchasing substances. When you are constantly under the influence, your decision-making skills are significantly worse, so living a sober life means that you will make wiser financial decisions.

    Finally, rehab provides you with the gift of understanding. You will learn why you struggle with substance abuse, how different traumas have affected you, and what you can do to undo the damage of addiction. Ultimately, a better understanding of yourself leads to more self-confidence and less shame.

    Are Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Bedfordshire Sustainable?

    Recovering in residential rehab is the most sustainable way to recover.

    Drug and alcohol rehabs in Bedfordshire promote abstinence, so there is no room for a cycle of binging and seeking treatment.

    Your personalised treatment programme will be geared towards helping you get to the root of your addiction through various types of therapy. When you address the root of the problem as opposed to the superficial symptoms, you are more likely to secure long-term recovery.

    Unfortunately, addiction cannot be cured; you will inevitably face temptation after completing your treatment. However, rehab teaches you how to control your urges by employing healthy coping mechanisms instead of giving in to substances.

    You have to do this regularly, as recovery requires you to be on guard and prepared to deal with the temptation that will eventually arise.

    Why Should I Choose OK Rehab?

    For 21 years, we have been helping people abandon addiction and embrace sobriety.

    We have dealt with all possible situations, from mild alcohol addiction to severe heroin addiction. Whatever your circumstances, we are equipped to support you.

    All helpline advisors at OK Rehab have personally experienced the consequences of addiction, meaning they have a huge amount of sympathy to offer you.

    If you contact OK Rehab, we can arrange immediate help for you. Forget long NHS waiting lists – we will begin searching for a place at a treatment centre in Bedfordshire as soon as you call. Days or even hours later, we will refer you to a high-quality centre that offers everything you need. From this point, all you need to do is arrange a start date with the staff at the drug and alcohol rehab and await your month-long stay.

    I’m Ready to Receive Help

    If you have accepted that you do not want to give in to addiction anymore, you should congratulate yourself. Many people continue to deny their issues, which only makes the addiction worse.

    Admitting you are ready to receive help shows you have the strength needed to carry you through the taxing recovery process.

    We can arrange treatment for you in a matter of days, so call us on 0800 326 5559 for a free needs assessment that will form the foundation of your treatment plan.

    OK Rehab can find you a centre in many locations across the UK, so if you do not want to undergo treatment in Bedfordshire, there are plenty of other options out there.

    Whatever your preferences regarding location, treatment type, and services, we can help.

    Reach out to us today to put an end to your addiction.



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