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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Somerset

    Are you struggling to deal with an addiction? Are you considering treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Somerset? OK Rehab can help.

    We are a recovery advocate service, and we specialise in finding treatment for anyone who actively wants to stop using drugs or alcohol.

    We can help you self-refer yourself into addiction treatment, and can also offer support for concerned friends, family, co-workers or employers who wish to help someone they know struggling with an addiction

    Searching for treatment can be challenging, time-consuming and extremely stressful. When attempting to do this whilst also withdrawing from alcohol and drugs, coping with daily life and avoiding temptations, any length of time spent looking is a dangerous time where treatment begins to look less and less inviting.

    This can, unfortunately, lead to many individuals giving up on the search for suitable addiction treatment, overwhelmed by the options, the forms, the judging, and the endless questions.

    It doesn’t have to be this way. With OK Rehab you can rest assured that you will receive the crucial treatment you need for your addiction, and will have the chance to fully recover and lead a normal life afterwards.

    Get in contact with us today if you are considering a drug and alcohol rehab in Somerset. We can also offer advice and our intervention services to those that are concerned about a loved one.

    Why should I choose OK Rehab?

    We aim to offer support and addiction treatment options to all those struggling no matter the circumstances, so regardless of the situation you may be facing right now, we are ready to help.

    We will always put your treatment and recovery at the forefront of everything we do, and are happy to work around any concerns you may have, such as the cost or length of treatment.

    We are a trustworthy organisation that is primarily run by individuals who have experienced addictions themselves in the past, meaning we are the best equipped to assist you on your journey to recovery and are completely understanding of the complex emotions you may be feeling at this time.

    Because of this, we are also a judgement-free zone and we would never single out clients or make you feel embarrassed about the situation you are in. There is an unnecessary negative stigma attached to drug and alcohol addictions, but OK Rehab works to break this down and make every client feel safe and comfortable.

    Thanks to our wealth of addiction treatment experience and vast network of rehab centres and outpatient clinics across the UK, OK Rehab has already helped thousands of individuals living with addiction, and now it’s our turn to help you.

    Do I really need professional treatment?

    During your search for suitable addiction treatment, you will have undoubtedly considered attempting to recover from your drug or alcohol addiction yourself at home. This is not recommended, and professional treatment is usually the most appropriate and most necessary option.

    For a lucky few individuals, professional treatment is not always particularly the best choice, although it is still advised. For these people suffering from much less severe addiction or dealing with a lower class substance, at-home recovery options are in fact viable.

    However, though risky at home detoxes and self-administered treatments may work for some, it certainly is not beneficial for all, and can sometimes even be lethal when done incorrectly or without the proper medical knowledge.

    Whilst attempting to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction at home, it is highly likely you will run into a few different obstacles.

    The first of these obstacles is support. Without the proper support from professionals – or even just a network of friends and family – it is decidedly harder to make it through the tougher stages of withdrawal.

    Of course, some may find this support in friends, but even then the risks of incompetence remain, and with particular substances, a detox done improperly can lead to an unfortunate and unnecessary death.

    In a rehab setting, you will be surrounded by highly-trained medical staff and therapists that will be on hand every minute of the day to support your journey to recovery.

    You can rest easy knowing that every process, medication and treatment will be done and prescribed properly, and even if there are any complications, the team will be there to assist you.

    The second obstacle commonly faced at home when trying to recover from addiction is possible triggers. Whilst many believe that being in the comfort of your own home is a positive thing when withdrawing, it can actually be a huge drawback.

    Emotional triggers which led you to drink or drugs in the first place such as work stress, traumatic events, dysfunctional families or abusive relationships are usually still residing within your home environment.

    This means that even if you cope with the physical aspect of detoxing, the emotional side of your addiction is still very much active and can pile the pressure on you to reach for the substance again in order to cope with these triggers.

    With a residential rehab programme in Somerset, you will be detached from the possible triggers of your home environment, so you are much less likely to resort to drugs or alcohol in order to shut out these emotions and reactions.

    Not only that, but the several therapies and counselling sessions you attend will help you to recognise your personal triggers and how to avoid them. You will also learn different and healthier coping techniques that you can use in place of reaching for a substance.

    Rehab works to treat your mind as well as your body, so you can fully recover from an addiction.

    The third but by no means the final obstacle commonly faced during at home withdrawals is the ease at which drugs or alcohol can be accessed. At home you are surrounded by multiple ways in which you can once again access drugs or alcohol, even being able to order them straight to your door.

    To be able to overcome temptation and the ease at which you could satisfy it takes a lot of strength and willpower, attributes which are usually not common among individuals at the height of an addiction. Because of this, the chances of a relapse are much higher.

    In rehab, you will have no access to drugs or alcohol and will be cut off from the chances of accessing them. It sounds daunting, but it helps immensely when attempting to withdraw, and gives you the opportunity to focus on getting better, rather than where the next high will be coming from.

    There are many more obstacles an individual can come across when attempting to withdraw from drugs or alcohol alone at home, and there are many more reasons why professional treatment is almost always recommended.

    If you would like more information about why rehab is the best option for you, give us a call today.

    Will I need to detox?

    We understand that the prospect of a detox can be scary and can put many completely off the idea to go to rehab, but it is a necessary and important step on the road to recovery.

    Without this phase of treatment, the chances of a full recovery become much slimmer, and you are not able to fully delve into other addiction treatments.

    A drug and alcohol detox usually involves gradually tapering off the dosage of the substance over a period of time until no trace of it remains. In the end, your body is fully cleansed of drugs or alcohol, and the toxins they leave behind in your system are flushed out.

    This allows your body to begin healing on a ‘clean slate’, and means you can undergo further treatments successfully.

    What if I get sick?

    During this detox period of your treatment, you will most likely experience a number of withdrawal symptoms. Some of the symptoms you can experience can sometimes be life-threatening, which is why a detox is always recommended only with the help of experienced professionals.

    A few of the possible symptoms you can expect during this time are: Sweating, dizziness, headaches, muscle pain, nausea, shaking, seizures and hallucinations.

    These are completely normal and most are expected after a drug and alcohol detox.

    Rest assured that if you do happen to encounter one or a number of these symptoms, our team will be on hand to support you throughout, and have plenty of experience when it comes to dealing with these situations. They can also prescribe medication to ease some of the withdrawal symptoms.

    Things may seem like they are getting worse before they get better, but they will definitely get better.

    What will the rest of my rehab stay look like?

    After your initial detox, you will spend the rest of your rehab stay participating in a number of therapies, counselling sessions and various other treatments, and preparing for your eventual return to your normal life.

    Some examples of the methods of treatments you can expect are: Family therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, addiction counselling, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, contingency management, dialectical behavioural therapy, and Cognitive behavioural therapy.

    In these therapies, you can hope to gain a further understanding of your addiction as an illness, identify the root causes and learn how to avoid them in the future, develop new coping strategies, and process your complex emotions surrounding addiction.

    What you take part in will be decided by many factors when you first get in contact with us and we begin to discuss your addiction. Things like the length of time you have used a substance for, the severity of your addiction and the substance/substances you have used will all be considered when deciding which treatments will be most beneficial to you.

    We do this because we understand that not all treatments will work for everyone, so we strive to determine what the best route for you is, so that your time in rehab isn’t wasted with ineffective treatments.

    During your stay, constant care and attention from our team will be available, and you will be made as comfortable as possible throughout. If you do happen to have any concerns or requirements whilst at rehab, don’t be nervous to let a member of the team know – they’re there for you.

    Where can I find more information?

    We are ready and waiting to help.

    Call us: 0800 326 5559

    Or fill in our online form and we will call you back.

    We can offer more information on any of the topics covered on this page, give advice to those struggling with an addiction or loved ones concerned about someone suffering in silence, and can further detail the services we can provide.

    Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today, as it may save your life or the life of your loved one.



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