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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in South Yorkshire

    Are you based in South Yorkshire and considering seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction? Why not give OK Rehab a call?

    We believe that your recovery is possible, and our purpose is to help get you there.

    Our trained counsellors are ready and waiting to answer your call and give any information or advice you may need regarding possible addiction treatment routes. We work closely with you throughout this sometimes challenging process to make it as smooth as possible, and help you to receive the treatment most suited to your specific needs.

    To see how we can help you, call us today on 0800 326 5559, and you can begin your road to recovery with OK Rehab.

    Do I need Rehab?

    The most common question amongst those suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction is: Do I really need to go to rehab?

    There are thousands of individuals dealing with addiction all across the country that believe their personal situation is not at a level that is worthy of medical assistance, and many others completely in denial over the severity of their addiction.

    The truth is, rehab can be for anyone.

    There is no certain stage you have to be at with addiction in order to be granted access to rehab, it can be beneficial for anyone struggling with an addiction, no matter the circumstances, substances used or the severity.

    If you believe you may have a substance abuse problem or drug and alcohol addiction, rehab can be for you, and we recommend you get in touch with us as soon as possible. Even if what you are experiencing is not an addiction at this moment, we can still help.

    If you are someone who is still unsure of how to label what you are experiencing, below is a list of signs and symptoms of addiction. If you notice any of these signs within yourself, you would benefit from treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab in South Yorkshire.

    1. Physical Symptoms

    • Have there been changes in your appetite, physical appearance or sleeping pattern?
    • Are you losing weight or not keeping up with hygiene?
    • Have you noticed an increase in your tolerance for the substance you use, meaning you use a higher dose each time to get the same effect?
    • Do you experience flu-like symptoms when you have withdrawn from the substance for a short period of time? This can include dizziness, nausea, shaking, headaches, etc.
    • Have you experienced any injured organs due to substance abuse?

    2. Mental symptoms

    • Are you taking the substance as a way to cope with difficult emotions?
    • Have you tried multiple times to quit but have not yet succeeded?
    • Are you spending a lot of time thinking of when your next use of the substance will be?
    • Are you more easily agitated, on-edge or angrier than usual?
    • Have you experienced heightened symptoms of an existing mental illness such as depression or anxiety due to your substance use?

    3. Social symptoms

    • Has any relationship in your life (family, friend, partner, colleague) suffered due to your substance use?
    • Have you abandoned certain responsibilities at home, work or school because of your substance use?
    • Are you avoiding social situations?
    • Do you have a secret stash of the substance hidden somewhere?
    • Are you lying about the severity of your situation or denying you need help to anyone who offers it?

    If you answered yes to a number of these signs, you may be experiencing a drug or alcohol addiction. Call 0800 326 5559 today and we can get you the help you need right away.

    How does rehab work?

    If you have made the important and brave step of admitting you may need to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in South Yorkshire, you may now be wondering what the process of getting there involves.

    Seeking treatment and attempting to find a suitable rehab alone can be stressful and overwhelming. Here at OK Rehab, we understand you already have plenty on your plate, so we work to make this process as simple and quick as possible so that you receive the best possible treatment without having to wait months for it.

    The general processes of consultation, admission and what you can expect from rehab are laid out below.

    1. Your enquiry

    From the very first phone call with us at OK Rehab, you will be on your way to recovery. In this initial stage of the process, we will review you and your addiction with a simple assessment.

    We will discuss many different aspects of your addiction such as the substances you have used, the seriousness of the addiction and the length of time you have been using for.

    This information allows us to better understand you as a client and reveals to us what your specific needs for treatment are.

    2. Our recommendations

    Through this assessment, we can begin the work to find you the best possible treatment. We will search for the most appropriate rehabs in your area (or further afield if you wish) and will recommend our final options to you.

    3. Rehab

    When you have chosen the rehab you wish to undergo treatment in, you will be placed there as soon as possible and will be on your way to recovery.

    You will meet the team of highly trained medical staff and therapists that will be supporting you throughout your journey and will be shown around the facility.

    It is here that you will possibly undergo a secondary assessment, this time carried out by a doctor at your chosen rehab. This second evaluation will further gauge the state of your mental and physical health, and again this information will go towards which treatments you will participate in.

    4. Detox and withdrawal

    At the beginning of your rehab journey in South Yorkshire, you will most likely face a drug and alcohol detox.

    Detoxing can be a daunting and scary process, but it is a necessary step towards recovery and is crucial to flush all toxins from your bloodstream. This allows you to start healing quicker.

    At this time you will undoubtedly experience a number of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can include difficulty thinking clearly, clammy skin, headaches, muscle pain, shaking, sickness, dizziness, fatigue and appetite loss.

    Rest assured that staff will be on hand to help you through this challenging time, and you may be prescribed medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms if they become too much.


    During your stay at rehab you will partake in several forms of therapy and holistic treatments.

    What you participate in will be decided by the earlier assessments, but a few main methods to expect include: Family therapy, group and individual therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, art therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivation enhancement therapy and contingency management.

    Throughout these varying forms of therapy, you will come to terms with your addiction, assess and identify root causes of your substance use, pinpoint your emotional and physical triggers, learn how to avoid them, discover new coping techniques to replace the unhealthy ones, and much more.

    What you gain from therapy throughout rehab will depend on how open you are to it.


    Once your time at rehab draws to a conclusion, you will be prepared for life on the ‘outside’. You will receive an aftercare plan, including details surrounding relapse prevention and what you will have learnt inside rehab.

    If you do happen to require any further support after you have left rehabilitation, our helpline is always available. Of course, this process will not look the same for everyone and what you experience will be determined by the initial assessments and the severity of your addiction.

    If you wish to know any more information about how rehab could work for you, contact us today.

    What treatments are available?

    Due to the unique nature of every case, we deal with here at OK Rehab, no client will ever receive the same treatment recommendations from us.

    Our team will work hard to match you with the right addiction treatment and will strive to make sure you are getting the best care for your personal needs. They will run through the possible options that lay ahead of you, these include:

    1. Residential treatment

    Without a doubt, the most ideal addiction treatment for anyone struggling with a substance use problem, residential treatment programmes in South Yorkshire offers a host of benefits.

    Here you are removed fully from the possible triggers of your home environment, whilst still remaining somewhere you are familiar and comfortable with if you choose a rehab local to you. You receive around the clock care and attention from the team at your chosen rehab, and constant support during this tough time in your life.

    All treatments you undergo, including detoxes, are performed under one roof, meaning you have the opportunity to fully relax and get settled in your new home whilst also healing from your addiction.

    Whilst residential rehab programmes do require a higher investment of your time, effort and also money, they are well worth what you put in, and the majority of clients who undergo residential treatment successfully achieve a full recovery.

    2. Outpatient treatment

    This form of treatment is usually combined with some form of home detox, with you receiving treatment during the day at the outpatient clinic, but still residing mostly at home.

    Whilst this treatment option does allow for more freedom in your daily life, less commitment and more independence, it is also unfortunately an option more likely to lead to a relapse.

    Because you are not detached from your home environment and therefore likely to not be detached from triggers and root causes of your addiction, it is decidedly harder to abstain from drugs or alcohol.

    3. Home detox

    Possibly the least advisable treatment option, risky at home detoxes is something we very rarely recommend at OK Rehab. Through this method, you would undergo a DIY ‘home detox’ and attempt to stay withdrawn from drugs and alcohol whilst still at home.

    If you are lucky, you will have a network of supportive family and friends who can be on hand to help with your recovery. If not, and especially if you are someone who is not particularly strong-willed or independent, you will most likely experience a relapse of some sort.

    You are surrounded by possible triggers in your home, and it is much easier to gain access to further drugs or alcohol if you are tempted to do so.

    There is no medical or professional assistance, and you are not partaking in any therapies that will work to treat you psychologically. This means that even if you were to succeed with the sometimes dangerous home detox and ‘healed’ physically, the mental symptoms of addiction would still remain and could cause you to fall back into old habits.

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